One of the paths of PCG Academia’s development is striving to continuously improve the quality of systems for higher education. The development of the offer and the quality of services provided is possible only through building a client-oriented organization, which are not only universities as institutions, but also groups of internal stakeholders: university’s authorities, research and teaching staff, administrative employees and students. The pro-client orientation that we build at PCG Academia is complemented by theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of effective project management. PCG Academia employees participated in a 10-month training project organized by the Center of Excellence (Centrum Doradztwa i Kształcenia Menedżerów) at the Kozminski University in Warsaw. Knowledge, skills and experience have been shared with us by outstanding experts, practitioners and trainers cooperating with Kozminski University (in alphabetical order): Iwona Bobrowska-Budny, Nadejda Kirova, Maciej Madziński, Marcin Mydlak, Piotr Ogonowski, and Karina Popieluch.