Flexible design of student documentation workflows

Applications, certificates, and other student forms created and approved online, without any need for student’s physical presence at the Dean’s office.

All student documents collected in one place – online

  • BPMN-based design of student workflows
  • Access to student document templates compliant with current regulations
  • Archiving documents digitally through an online student case

Updates on the status of student requests through student portal and mobile device

  • E-mail and mobile notifications whenever a teacher’s approval is needed in the system
  • Authorization and approval of student forms with the use of certified digital signature
  • Intuitive and modern-looking end user interface

Reduced administrative burden on the teachers and university staff members

  • Integration with any Student Information System available on the market
  • Mechanisms validating the quality of data inserted into the forms
  • User roles and permissions management system

Everyone benefits

  • Dean’s Office
    • Access to student document templates compliant with current regulations
    • Updates on the current status of all active student requests
    • Increased operational effectiveness
  • Teachers
    • Digital approval of student documentation
    • E-mail and mobile notifications whenever a teacher’s approval is needed in the system
    • Improved satisfaction of students
  • Students
    • No need for physical presence on the campus to process administrative requests
    • Constant updates on the status of the request
    • Intuitive and modern-looking end-user interface

Discover all educloud products

  • Administration
  • Education
  • analytics

    strategic decision-making and reporting inside and outside of the university based on Power BI technology provided by Microsoft.

  • deans office
    Dean’s Office

    effective management of education processes in compliance with the law and based on best practices in higher education management.

  • mobile app
    Mobile App

    improved communication between the university, instructors and students. Application delivered in a Software as a Service model.

  • e-services

    flexible design of document workflows based on student data coming from any Student Information System available on the market.

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  • Alumni Success

    supporting students and graduates in connecting with the labor market opportunities and launching a successful professional career

  • Enrollment

    from electronic registration, through automatic calculation of points, generating ranking lists, and enrolling candidates into the programs.

  • cdiploma

    Verification of the authenticity of diplomas and certificates issued by universities

  • Syllabuses

    Od definicji planu studiów, poprzez napełnienie sylabusu treścią, po jego akceptację i upublicznienie

  • blackboard learn
    Blackboard Learn Ultra

    complete environment for distant learning that supports communications, progress monitoring and individualized instruction.

  • blackboard collaborate logo small
    Blackboard Collaborate

    is a convenient and modern platform for video conferencing and remote collaboration. It enables the provision of online classes for students in real time

  • ally
    Blackboard Ally

    improved accessibility and attractiveness of the educational content shared through e-learning platforms, including Moodle.

  • ally
    Blackboard Ally for Websites

    Greater accessibility and attractiveness of learning materials published on university’s websites.

  • open lms
    Open LMS

    instant impact on the quality of learning experience for Moodle-based instruction – without revolutionary changes for teachers and administrators.

  • inspera

    organizing, monitoring and assessing digital exams through a secure, web-based application.

  • inspera
    Inspera Remote Exam

    Securing the remote examination process