Recording and processing of information on research at the university

with the option to integrate with institutional, national and global databases.

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Central system for recording information on scientific achievements

  • Two-way integration of scientific achievements with PBN and POL-on databases
  • Data input directly by researchers and automatic validation of data
  • Recording of declarations about the discipline selection, inclusion in the N-number and consent to report publication during evaluation

Simple implementation at the university and easy import of data for analysis

  • System available as a cloud service (SaaS) – quick access to the service without installing software in the university’s IT infrastructure
  • Automatic import of data from university systems as well as PBN and POL-on through APIs
  • Verification of scientific achievements, error correction, assignment to disciplines and submission for evaluation
  • Integrations with external databases, e.g. ORCID

Monitoring of scientific achievements and strategy planning of the university

  • Tools for continuous analysis of evaluation parameters in specific disciplines and identifying the alarming situations
  • Analysis of evaluation opportunities and their simulation for all disciplines including sanctions
  • Guarantee of Full compliance with current legislation, including The Law on Higher Education and Science of 20 July 2018 as well as ministerial lists and algorithms
Leszek Szafrański, PhD Head of the Digital Collections Department of the Jagiellonian Library

During the 4-week implementation, PCG Academia launched the Sciencecloud system enabling the recording and analysis of scientific achievements of the Jagiellonian University in all 28 evaluated scientific disciplines. More than 36,000 metadata of publications published in 2017-2020 and data of tens of thousands of scientific staff were imported into the system. Thanks to Sciencecloud, Jagiellonian University employees are able to track key parameters for the evaluation and continuously monitor and optimize the implemented scientific strategy in individual disciplines.

Everyone benefits

  • University
    • Monitoring disciplines leads to a better score and better university performance in the parametric assessment
    • Ease of launching and popularizing the service among employees thanks to a SaaS model
    • System continuously updated to legal requirements
  • Administration
    • Supervision of the quality and completeness of the recorded data
    • Ability to forecast evaluation results and take corrective action
    • Reduced effort of collecting and processing scientific information
  • Researchers
    • Straightforward deposition of achievements through intuitive forms
    • Ability to check the number of obtained points thanks to the built-in algorithm
    • Simple import of scientific publications from various sources including ORCID

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