PCG Academia and Jagiellonian University have been cooperating for three years now. The first joint project of both parties was the migration and improvement of the Jagiellonian University Repository (RUJ) based on DSpace. The success of this project resulted in entrusting PCG Academia with the maintenance of the repository, and in 2021 led to a new project, aimed at launching the latest version of the repository DSpace 7. This was the first project of this type implemented in Poland.

In 2019, the Jagiellonian University made a strategic decision to launch the Sciencecloud system to analyze and optimize scientific output data recorded in the University’s repository. The project was successful and the use of the Sciencecloud system enabled the Jagiellonian University’s team to submit – in a timely and automated manner – the information on more than 35,000 scientific publications for the ongoing evaluation of scientific activities.

Sciencecloud was integrated with the Polish Scholarly Bibliography system (PBN) using a REST API integration interface, which made it possible to report new publications (from 2021) and update achievements already existing in the systems managed by the National Information Processing Institute.

As the new evaluation period 2022-2026 begins, the Jagiellonian University has decided to extend the contract for the use of the Sciencecloud system, to commission PCG to expand it with new functionalities and to make Sciencecloud the primary source of scientific data for the entire university.   

PCG Academia, on request of the University, will expand the Sciencecloud system with the functionality allowing to analyze data in two parallel contexts – disciplinary (already implemented) and organizational (on departments level). As a result, deans and heads of organizational units will gain access to the system, which will support the managers in even better planning and monitoring of the implementation of the university’s scientific strategy.

In addition, PCG Academia will implement a complete process for automated data transfer between the university’s systems – RUJ, SAP and student information system USOS, and the ministry’s systems – Polish Scholarly Bibliography PBN, Integrated System of Information on Science and Higher Education POL-on and Academic Achievement Evaluation System SEDN.