scientific analytics

Monitoring and simulation of filling of publication slots by researchers

including the optimal selection of publications in the context of evaluation restrictions and declarations of employees included in the number N.


Forecasting evaluation results and taking corrective action

  • Tools for monitoring evaluation parameters in each discipline and diagnosing alarming situations
  • Analysis of evaluation possibilities and their simulation for all disciplines
  • Monitoring the fulfilment of all three declarations submitted by researchers

Simple implementation and easy import of data for analysis

  • Importing data to the application from any scientific information system operating at the university or from an export file to PBN
  • Verification of scientific achievements, correction of errors, assigning publications to disciplines and submitting them for evaluation
  • Integrated tools for importing publications from external systems (e.g. ORCID) and competing systems

Software offered as a service & constantly updated to meet legal requirements

  • Application available as a cloud service (SaaS) – quickly access the service without installing software in the university’s IT infrastructure
  • Full compliance with current legislation, including The Law on Higher Education and Science of 20 July 2018 as well as ministerial lists and algorithms

Everyone benefits

  • University
    • Monitoring disciplines leads to a better score and better university performance in the parametric assessment
    • Significant improvement for the research units undergoing evaluation
    • System continuously updated to legal requirements
  • Administration
    • Ability to forecast evaluation results and take corrective action
    • Support for evaluation process and final reporting in all three criteria
    • Automation to relieve university staff and reduce calculation errors
  • Scientists
    • Possibility of checking the number of points obtained thanks to the built-in algorithm
    • Analysis of the value of publications and their position against others
    • Easy import of scientific publications from various sources

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  • scientific analytics
    Scientific Analytics

    Monitoring and simulation of filling of publication slots by researchers, including the optimal selection of publications.

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