Open access to research publications

with the digital scientific repository DSpace 7

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New features of DSpace 7

  • Responsive user interface based on Angular technology
  • Self-documenting REST API integration interface
  • Building a journal hierarchy and university organizational structure
  • New workflows with easy drag-and-drop functionality
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PCG Academia services

  • Software installation and configuration in any environment indicated by the university (on-premises, private cloud, public cloud), or
  • Updating an existing instance of the repository, including transferring data, functionalities and integrations made individually at the university
  • Design and development of the user interface, adapted to the university’s graphic identity and brand book
  • DSpace integration with other systems at the university, including ERP systems, OJS/OMP/OCS, and also with user authentication systems, e.g. CAS, LDAP, Active Directory, or Azure AD
  • Design and implementation of new functionalities on individual request of the university
  • Backup and archiving of data stored within the repository, also using distributed cloud technology
  • Maintenance and development, including an agreed package of hours and response times to requests recorded in the JIRA system
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PCG Academia’s experience

  • Since 2019, PCG Academia has been working closely with the Jagiellonian Library and is responsible for the development and maintenance of the Jagiellonian University Repository (RUJ) based on DSpace. To this end, PCG Academia created a dedicated team specializing in the use of DSpace technology to build university repositories.
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Everyone benefits

  • University
    • Presence among prestigious universities using DSpace 7 software
    • Ability to customize the look of the system according to the guidelines of the university’s brand book and further develop the repository in a modular architecture
    • Openness for integration with university systems and full support of the solution by the PCG Academia team
  • Administration
    • Wide range of functionalities for publication database management and its organization into structured collections
    • Built-in configuration and workflow mechanisms as well as additional modules to streamline editorial work
    • Guaranteed publication visibility for external search engines
  • Researchers
    • Access to the system via a modern and responsive user interface
    • Easy deposit of publications through a new redesigned form
    • Increased visibility of own publications, citation rates and promotion of own publishing activities

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  • Dspace 7

    Open access to research publications with the digital scientific repository DSpace 7

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