The Medical University of Gdańsk (MUG) has been working with PCG Academia and WEBCON since November 2021. At that time, the MUG decided to purchase a package of licenses and hours, which enabled the university to carry out the initial steps in digitization of processes using the WEBCON BPS platform.

Less than three quarters after signing the first agreement, the MUG has decided to extend and expand its cooperation with PCG and WEBCON. This time, the University has purchased a license providing unlimited access to WEBCON BPS for all its employees and students. In addition, the University has purchased a significant pool of hours from PCG, which can be used for further computerization of the MUG with the help WEBCON BPS.

The implementation at the Medical University of Gdańsk from the very beginning has been carried out in a hybrid model, using agile project management techniques. The scope of work is defined on an ongoing basis, according to the current needs of the University. The project team consists of both PCG consultants and MUG employees. In this way, representatives of the University gain knowledge of the new solution, and thus competence to participate in its maintenance and development in the future.

The project was preceded by a detailed audit of the University’s processes, including the central flow of contracts and purchase requests. The MUG is not only digitizing, but also enhancing its processes, aiming for a close integration of the WEBCON BPS platform with its domain systems. From a business perspective, the University authorities’ goal is to achieve the highest possible level of automation, thereby facilitating the administration’s work and elevating the level of services provided.

From PCG Academia’s viewpoint, it’s a pleasure to cooperate with the University with such a high level of organizational maturity and awareness of its needs and capabilities. We will be discussing the behind-the-scenes of the PCG-WEBCON-MUG cooperation during EZDAY – the first nationwide conference on electronic document management using WEBCON BPS. The event will be held on October 20, 2022 in Krakow, Poland. You are welcome to register at!