The Film School in Lodz signed a contract with PCG Academia for the implementation and launching of the Sciencecloud system. The project aims to support the university in effective science management and the best possible preparation for the upcoming scientific evaluation.

Sciencecloud will be delivered in the SaaS model, which guarantees quick implementation. In just a few weeks, the Lodz Film School will be able to use the Sciencecloud platform to record scientific and artistic achievements and analyze their potential.

The Records module of Sciencecloud enables the collection and processing of information on the scientific and artistic achievements of university staff within all three evaluation criteria. The Analytics module, in turn, enables monitoring and simulation of filling the publication slots by scientists and allows the optimal selection of publications for the best possible evaluation results.

Thanks to Sciencecloud, employees of the Film School in Lodz will be able to monitor the key parameters for the evaluation and optimize the implemented scientific strategy on an ongoing basis.

Sciencecloud is modern IT ecosystem for scientific information management. Four closely integrated modules – Analytics, Records, Employee Assessment, and Repository – allow to comprehensively handle the needs of universities related to the process of scientific information management, its reporting and dissemination. Sciencecloud is provided in the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, under which PCG Academia is responsible for the timely adaptation of the system to dynamically changing legal regulations.

Sciencecloud is used by a wide range of institutions subjected to scientific evaluation, such as leading research universities, top non-public schools, art academies and research institutes.