At the beginning of April 2019, Łazarski University in Warsaw will have a comprehensive system of public e-services. Under the agreement concluded between the University and the consortium of PCG Academia and Softar, the companies will provide software for 18 e-services. Eleven of these services are developed by PCG Academia and the remaining seven will be implemented by Softar.

The e-services that are being implemented by PCG Academia include primarily solutions related to the electronic document circulation, which will significantly support the administrative processes at the University, especially those carried out by the dean’s offices. The implemented services will allow for fast and efficient, as well as personalized handling of applications, applications, decisions, appeals, statements, certificates and circulation cards. Moreover, PCG will implement services that enable students and PhD candidates to electronically select subjects and electronically register for visits at various university units and meetings with University’s staff. Overall these services will provide a new, improved quality of service for everyone studying at the University.

In addition, PCG Academia will also implement solutions that help improve the process of granting degrees, including tools for examination of diploma theses for plagiarism and tools for data exchange with the National Repository of Written Diploma Works, in particular sending dissertations to this Repository.

The project at the Łazarski University will also include creation of an electronic Center for Postgraduate Education and a Virtual Legal Advice Bureau, which will significantly facilitate the provision of high-quality services for the academic community at the University.

Other services that will be implemented will allow for collecting and processing statistical data for reports and summaries, handling the surveying process, handling invoices, supporting organization of conferences, and collecting and publicly sharing files, multimedia and other digital content through the e-Repository.

The implementation at the Łazarski University will include not only the design, implementation and launch of the e-services system, but also their integration with the existing IT infrastructure of the University. PCG Academia will also conduct trials to test the functionality and security of the system.

With this project, PCG Academia hopes to support the Łazarski University in optimizing administrative and teaching processes and increasing their efficiency.


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