PCG Academia has begun cooperation with VM.PL – a Wrocław-based company offering IT services on German-speaking markets.

VM.PL specializes in supporting clients from various industries in the implementation of IT projects using the Nearshoring model. During the 16 years of VM.PL activity, its teams have successfully developed systems for over 60 clients in Europe. Currently, 92% of all VM.PL customers are companies from Germany.

The cooperation will give us the possibility to offer tools and services of PCG Academia and our Partners on the German, Austrian and Swiss markets. It will also help us in gaining knowledge about the specificity of the functioning and requirements of universities in these regions, which will allow our company to expand the set of services and tools offered in Poland and abroad.

In the first period of cooperation, the parties will focus on learning about the new higher education markets and verifying the opportunities of using ready-made IT solutions at universities in in the German-speaking countries.