PCG Academia will implement its flagship solution – the Sciencecloud system for science management – at the Czestochowa University of Technology. The university will use the Records and Analytics modules to prepare for the evaluation of scientific activities.

Czestochowa University of Technology is the largest university in the Czestochowa region. It conducts research and teaching activities at six faculties. The University has the right to grant doctoral degrees and also offer PhD habilitation. Its research and teaching staff numbers 651 academics. About 70 thousand graduates left the University during over 70 years of its history.

The Sciencecloud system will be delivered to the university as a Software as a Service, so that the access to a fully functional platform will be given within no more than 8 weeks from signing the contract.

The Records module of implemented platform will make it possible to collect and process information on the scientific output of university employees within all three evaluation criteria. The Analytics module, in turn, will enable ongoing monitoring and simulation of the filling of publication slots and optimal selection of publications in order to achieve a better score.

The tools included in Sciencecloud will also make it easier to track key evaluation parameters in individual disciplines and diagnose alarming situations, which will allow the university to react quickly and take corrective actions, as well as optimize the implemented scientific strategy in individual disciplines.

Thanks to the in-built ministerial algorithm, the Czestochowa University of Technology will also be able to forecast its result in the parametric evaluation, and academic staff will be able to check the points obtained by their own achievements and compare this result against others.

The Czestochowa University of Technology is yet another university in the ever-growing group of institutions that will use Sciencecloud in the process of preparing for the upcoming scientific evaluation. Sciencecloud users include research universities, leading non-public schools, art academies and research institutes.