scientific respiratory

An attractive presentation of scientific achievements of the university staff

inspired by repositories used by world’s top universities.


Simple acquisition of information on scientific achievements from various sources

  • System integration with external databases and possibility of indexing
  • Integration with systems for recording and obtaining scientific publications
  • Built-in tools for obtaining content published in popular standards, e.g. OpenJournals, PolIndex, PubMed, RIS, BibTex, DOAJ
  • Automation of the process of content acquisition for the repository

Mechanisms for increasing citations and improving integration

  • Ability to choose from several hundred styles of citation, including APA or MLA
  • Full compliance with OAI-PMH and OPENDOAR standards
  • Support for various types of resources, including articles, magazines, books and monographs

Attractive web user interface

  • A clear way of presenting publications, along with linking and showing connections between them
  • Easy searching for content and authors thanks to a set of metadata
  • Support for Google Scholar

Everyone benefits

  • University
    • Positive impact on parametric assessment of publications and evaluation of research units
    • Attractive and wide-reaching presentation of scientific achievements
    • Positive impact on the position of universities in national and international rankings
  • Administration
    • Automatic import of data to the repository from the scientific records systems
    • A simple and modern back-office interface available as a web application
    • Monitoring the quality of employees’ scientific publications and their popularity among users and external indexing systems
  • Scientists
    • Increased visibility and citations of publications
    • Popularization of scientific results
    • Improved citation rates, including Hirsch index (h-index)
    • No need to upload publications to external repositories

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    Scientific Analytics

    Monitoring and simulation of filling of publication slots by researchers, including the optimal selection of publications.

  • scientific records
    Scientific Records

    Collecting and processing information on the scientific achievements of university staff within all three evaluation criteria in compliance with the latest guidelines from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education

  • Employee Assessment

    Periodic evaluation of the performance of teachers and researchers at the university from defining rules to setting goals and monitoring the status of their achievement.

  • scientific respiratory
    Scientific Repository

    An attractive presentation of scientific achievements of the university staff, inspired by repositories used by world's top universities

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