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LUMEN 2015

LUMEN 2015 Conference LUMEN awards were first presented in 2015, at the initiative of Public Consulting Group (PCG), to rectors, managers and teams from 12 Polish universities. The award gala accompanied the first Leaders in University Management Conference – LUMEN 2015, attended by over 200 represe...


LUMEN 2016

LUMEN 2016 Conference Interviews with conference participants: Professor Krzysztof Diks (PKA), Professor Łukasz Sułkowski (PKA), Professor Witold Bielecki (ALK), Leszek Lewoc (PCG Academia), Michał Jaworski (Microsoft Polska), Piotr Dmochowski-Lipski (PCG Polska), Marcin Kempka (LIBRUS), Professor J...


Operational Management Stream

Session 1 A meeting of the PCG Academia system and services users community Presenters: Łukasz Nowak , Vice President, PCG Academia Ścibór Sobieski PhD , Product Development Director, PCG Academia Piotr Masalski , Project Manager, PCG Academia Paulina Puścian - Sobieska , Project Manager, PCG Academ...


Strategic Management Stream

Session 1 Opening Session Prof. Łukasz Sułkowski , President of PCG Academia Piotr Müller , Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education Prof. Jerzy Woźnicki , President of Polish Rectors Foundation Prof. Jan Szmidt , President of the Conference of Rectors of Academic Schools in Poland, Rector of...


Our Partners

Strategic Partners The Polish Rectors Foundation PCG Academia cooperates with the Polish Rectors Foundation with regard to joint research, publishing, training and evaluation activity aimed at developing and supporting the higher education and science sector in Poland. The first joint undertaking by...



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Contact details

Contact details PCG Academia Sp. z o.o. Jasionka 954 F 36-002 Jasionka Poland Phone: +48 17 777 37 00 Fax: +48 17 777 37 99 info@pcgacademia.pl Tax Identification Number (NIP) : 5170370170 Statistical number (REGON) : 361629511 National Court Register number (KRS): 0000560490 District Court in Rzesz...



Career Employment at PCG Academia ensures financial and organizational stability guaranteed by an international investor with a strong market position (Public Consulting Group Inc.) combined with the flexibility of a small, innovative company under agile management. We require our employees to show ...