LUMEN Partners


Polish Rectors Foundation

The Polish Rectors Foundation is a substantive partner of LUMEN Conference for Leaders in University Management since 2016. In 2017 the Conference was accompanied by the second edition of the LUMEN Competition for the best-managed projects in higher education. The Competition Jury consisting of distinguished representatives of the academic community and representatives of institutional partners (Pearson CEE, Santander Universidades) worked under the chairmanship of prof. Jerzy Woźnicki, President of the Polish Rectors Foundation.

The Polish Rectors Foundation is an independent non-governmental organization, established in 2001 by 80 rectors of universities forming the Conference of Rectors of Academic Schools in Poland. It supports the development of education, science and culture in Poland, including in particular higher education. The most significant achievements of the Foundation include elaborating the first draft of the Higher Education Law, adopted in 2005.



        Blackboard Inc.


Blackboard Inc. is a global provider of e-learning, LMS, and analytical solutions for higher education institutions. Blackboard's solutions are used by 100 million users in 90 countries around the world, served by company's 21 offices. In 2018, Blackboard made a strategic decision on an exclusive partnership with PCG Academia in Poland.

In 2018 Blackboard Inc. joined the group of partners of the LUMEN Conference as the main institutional partner. During the Conference, participants of the Operational Management path of the event had the opportunity to get familiar with the functionalities and a demo version of Blackboard's popular LMS systems supporting e-learning, remote collaboration between students and lecturers, and students' retention.

Cooperation between PCG Academia and Blackboard Inc. developed in 2018 during a conference and seminar series titled Academy of Innovation for Universities organized by PCG Academia. The aim of these events was to present IT solutions supporting university management in the areas of administration, processes, and didactics. The e-learning systems, LMS, ERP systems, the student information system, e-services for the university and the mobile application mStudia were presented at that time.

More about Blackboard's e-learning, LMS, and analytical systems for didactics is presented here.

Pearson Central Europe

Pearson Central Europe is a partner of the Conference "Leaders of University Management" LUMEN 2017 and the institutional partner of the Management - "Innovative management methods in the areas of education, research and organization of universities" category in the LUMEN 2017 competition for the best-managed projects implemented by Polish universities.

Pearson is a global leader in providing comprehensive and innovative learning solutions for learners, teachers, institutions and governments. Pearson's mission is to improve the quality of people's lives through education supported by quality products and services.

Pearson always puts the learners in the center of attention. It supports people of all ages at every stage of education: school, academic, extracurricular and professional education. Pearson’s most important goal is to maximize the progress of learners, which is why it made a commitment to measuring the educational effectiveness (efficiency) of his solutions and their real impact on learning outcomes.

The company has been providing education and assessment services for over 150 years in over 100 countries. Pearson’s courses and educational resources are available both in print and digital form. Pearson participates and actively supports the transformation of education systems around the world, creating new teaching standards.

The company's Warsaw branch, Pearson Central Europe, coordinates Pearson's operations in 33 countries in Central and Eastern Europe. Among the services and tools offered by Pearson are educational platforms, training programs, didactic and scientific content repositories, open didactic resources, exams (PTE, LCCI) as well as a number of international professional and academic qualifications (BTEC and PQI).


Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania microsoft logo   Microsoft Poland

Microsoft Poland was a partner of the LUMEN Conference in 2016 and 2018. During the 2018 edition Microsoft presented technologies supporting universities' development such as Power BI, Microsoft 365, and the cloud. This global company runs a line of IT products dedicated to higher education institutions, including advanced data analysis which supports university management and students' retention, as well as project and research management, and also solutions for combining experiences and resources of cooperating didactic centers, and data security also in cloud technology.

Microsoft Poland is also a cloud technology provider for PCG Academia systems.


Santander Universidades

The Santander Universidades program run in Poland by Bank Zachodni WBK (now under name Santander Bank Polska S.A.) is a partner of the Conference "Leaders of University Management" LUMEN 2017 and an institutional partner of the Cooperation "Shaping relations with stakeholders of the university: with students, employers, research partners, local community" category in the LUMEN 2017 competition for the best-managed projects implemented by Polish universities.

Santander Universidades is a program run by the Santander Group since 1996. In Poland, the program is managed by Bank Zachodni WBK since 2011. Its aim is to support higher education, research, entrepreneurship, mobility of students and researchers, as well as the exchange of knowledge on a global level.

As part of the Santander Universidades program, the Santander Group cooperates with over 1,200 higher education institutions in North and South America, Asia, Africa and Europe. In Poland, the program currently includes over 50 universities that want to develop internationally and offer the highest quality educational opportunities.

Universities participating in the program receive support in the process of digitization and modernization, as well as for the use of modern technologies in the teaching process. Santander Universidades also supports the creation of digital services for the academic sector. Researchers and students from partner universities have the opportunity to participate in prestigious training programs run by globally leading universities such as the University of Harvard, the University of California, Los Angeles and the National University of Singapore. Santander Universidades also offers student exchange programs, internships and scholarships. Moreover, universities receive funding for research or organization of events. Futhermore Santander Universidades supports students in entering the labor market and professional development through their internship program.

Bank Zachodni WBK, running Santander Universidades, was established in 2001, and joined the Santander Group in 2011. Bank Zachodni WBK is recognized as the leader in the implementation of innovative solutions on the financial market, especially mobile banking solutions. It is one of the largest and most innovative financial institutions in Poland, which provides banking services for individuals, small and medium enterprises and large corporations.

   Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania boÅ bank      Podobny obraz

The BOŚ Bank capital group and BOŚ Brokerage House joined the group of institutional partners of the LUMEN Conference in 2018, engaging in the subject of the third mission of universities and cooperation of the business sector with the higher education institutions. BOŚ Bank representative Konrad Raczkowski, PhD, Vice President of the BOŚ Bank Management Board, was one of the participants of the Conference's session entitled "The third mission of university: innovations and partnership with business and industry".