Idea behind LUMEN project

Jerzy Woźnicki, prezes FRP, oraz Piotr Dmochowski-Lipski, ówczesny Prezes PCG Polska.

The idea behind the LUMEN project was discussed in a joint interview for the “Rzeczpospolita” journal, given by Piotr Dmochowski-Lipski (President of PCG Polska) and Professor Jerzy Woźnicki (President of the Polish Rectors Foundation).


It follows from the data of the Central Statistical Office of Poland that higher education in Poland is managed and administered by close to 75 thousand people. The objective of the LUMEN project is to establish a permanent platform for communication and exchange of experiences to be used by rectors, chancellors, managers and other people in charge of professional management of Polish universities. The assumptions of the LUMEN project are implemented through: competition for universities (held biannually), international conference (held annually) and information website (providing the latest news in the field of higher education daily).

Even though the LUMEN project was launched by the consulting and technology company, Public Consulting Group, it is by nature an open initiative, developed by a community. Therefore, in 2016 the organizers of the project were joined by the Polish Rectors Foundation headed by Professor Jerzy Woźnicki and the technology company Microsoft Polska. Any institutions (universities, private companies, foundations and associations) and people (experts, consultants, managers) interested in providing organizational or substantive support for the LUMEN project are welcome to contact the Project Bureau.


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