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Effective management of key processes at the university

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Effective university management is connected with the coordination of many processes carried out -sometimes separately - in numerous departments and with the analysis of data from many different sources. By providing a comprehensive and integrated ecosystem of solutions and modules tailored to the needs of the university and its individual departments, we help optimize functioning of university at all management levels.

We are aware of the requirements set for universities (e.g. by Act 2.0) and their management and didactic staff. That's why our portfolio includes solutions ensuring transparency, supervision over the financial condition of the university, supervision and verification of the quality of education, efficient administration, smooth exchange and access to information from any place and fulfillment of reporting requirements for regulatory bodies.

PCG Academia offers an open ecosystem of IT solutions supporting the efficient use of data in the process of university management. The ecosystem includes, among others:


We offer our own solutions and constantly developed portfolio of integrated external applications provided by our company's business partners, such as Blackboard (LMS platforms and e-learning tools) or Inspera (electronic examination of students). Our portfolio also includes applications that improve communication and information flow between the university and its stakeholders, including students and employees. We are the provider of mStudia application - a mobile application for students, educators and dean's office employees, integrated with the leading Student Information Systems: University 10 and USOS.

The PCG Academia’s offer is subject to continuous verification of management practitioners from higher education and business sectors as well as universities administrative staff.


One system, many opportunities

Student Information System University 10 is more than a data repository. University 10 system enables university’s staff to efficiently manage all processes at universities: from student enrollment, service and retention, timetabling and settlement of classes, to internal and external reporting.


Key benefits

Flexible adaptation to the needs of the university
Compliance with internal and external reporting requirements (Act 2.0, GDPR)

Optimization of administrative costs and university resources
Accessible to students and employees through the browser and through a mobile application
The widest spectrum of functionalities on the Polish market
A proven business model. Maintenance and development of functionalities in the responsibility of the provider.


Main functionalities

Dean's office service and management of the course of studies

  • Intuitive and fully customizable user interface.
  • Validation mechanisms supporting the collection of "clean" data (dictionaries, drop lists, options to choose from).
  • Support for the Polish Qualification Framework (PQF) and syllabuses.
  • Support for student exchange programs (e.g. Socrates-Erasmus).
  • Cooperation with open systems such as KReM, OSA,, ORD, PBN.
  • Full suport for diploma theses.
  • Support for communication between the university, student and lecturers.
  • Compatibility with the university's web and mobile interface, Electronic Circulation of Documentation System and Student Enrollment System.
  • A rich library of printouts; simple definition of your own templates.


Financial service of students and employees


  • Financial service of students and flexible configuration of charges.
  • Recording scholarship applications, scholarships awarded and payout history.
  • Financial service of academic staff (teaching load, contracts, bills).
  • Configurable lists enabling the analysis of student and employee data and backlogs at different levels of detail.
  • Integration and exchange of data with most of the SIS and ERP systems commonly used in Poland.
  • Debt collection.


Timetabling classes


  • Support for timetabling classess, credits and examinations based on the data entered in other areas of the system (eliminates the need to enter the data twice).
  • Optimal use of university classrooms and resources.
  • Information regarding conflicting timetables.
  • Easy class rescheduling in the “drag and drop” mode.
  • Providing information regarding the timetable to students and employees through the browser and the mobile application mStudia.


Virtual University - remote access to data for students and employers 

  • Remote view of the entire student history through the browser or the mobile application mStudia (multilingual).
  • Ongoing access to key information and activities by the student: registration for classes and specializations, timetables, materials shared by lecturers, exam schedule, communication with administrative and teaching staff.
  • Ongoing access to information and processes for lecturers.
  • Digitization of processes related to didactics, assessments and diplomas.
  • Remote operation of administrative processes and student affairs (eg applications for scholarships).
  • Support for the communication process with students through targeted e-mails, dedicated advertisements and evaluation surveys.
  • Data security, supervision over access rights, ongoing user support.


Management of dormitories

  • Detailed records of rooms, their availability and equipment of many facilities (including individual rooms) with taking into account special needs, e.g. students with disabilities.
  • Immediate resource update: reservations, check-ins and prolongations.
  • Support for reports and settlements with students, employees and guests.
  • Integration with the Electronic Circulation of Documentation System: remote handling of applications and clearance slips.
  • Possible integration with an Electronic Student Identity Card and chip cards: entry and exit records, management of access to rooms, key elimination, security.
  • Reports and printouts. Conducting detailed cost and revenue analyzes (in cooperation with the BI4Progress module).


Office of Career Services and Alumni Portal

  • Integration with the Student Information System. Access via Virtual University and mStudia - university’s mobile application.
  • Managing job, apprenticeships, internships, trainings, conferences and courses offers.
  • Support for students and graduates in gaining professional experience and career development.
  • A multitude of functionalities: offers, practices, internships, trainings, conferences, profiles, CMS, CRM, surveys, contacts, CV.
  • Managing access to information, including security and customization.
  • Practical, self-service employer profiles. The function of creating descriptions, publishing announcements, and researching potential employees.
  • Research on the fate of graduates on the job market. Maintaining an attractive offer of fields of study, specialization, postgraduate studies, trainings.


Reports, analysis and compilations


  • Efficient handling of reporting to POL-on, GUS, PBN, PKA and other key institutions.
  • Individually defined compilations of any data collected in the system (requires no IT expertise).
  • Integration with external IT systems (ERP, HR, FK, CRM) in order to collect the data required for the analysis.
  • Graphic presentation of data for students, employees and the entire university, e.g. faculty costs, employee costs, classroom use etc.


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