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Nowadays smartphones accompany us everywhere we go, enabling instant communication and immediate access to information and thanks to mobile Internet and mobile apps. Applications can also be successfully used by universities to improve communication with students and candidates who increasingly use the Internet more on mobile devices than computers.

In order to meet the expectations of today's students, universities undertake the effort of creating their own applications, which is associated with many challenges, especially the high costs of developing and maintaining the service. There is also uncertainty whether in the absence of a team dedicated to ongoing needs analysis and development of new functionalities, the resulting application would keep up with the expectations of modern students - the digital natives.

To help universities with this challenges we have created mStudia: the first on the market, unique mobile application for students and lecturers, delivered to universities in the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Attractive design, ease of use, effective communication and flexible configuration of functionalities that meets an organization’s actual needs lead to increased engagement of university candidates, students and lecturers and their improved satisfaction with their university’s offering.



A perfect marketing tool.
Building university's community and competetive advantage.
Application's functionalities adjusted to university’s and end users’ needs.

Transparent business model (SaaS).
Effective and secure communication channel.





Newsfeed is a fast and effective way to keep university community informed about the university’s current life, important events and updates, accessible for both logged-in and not logged-in application users. Upon publication of new messages, the users receive push notifications that help them keep up-to-date on university happenings. Articles are presented in the form of clear tiles, selected content can also be displayed on the upper banner to increase its visibility for app users.

Information about University


Information about the university is available to both logged-in and non-logged users, making it easier for both students and candidates to become acquainted with the educational offer of the university. Users can find out details about the recruitment requirements, browse available fields of study, find contact details for the university’s organizational units and access other useful information that the university staff can easily publish to the app info screen.

Information about Lecturers


Logged-in users of mStudia application have access to an alphabetically ordered list of lecturers. They can easily find out information about their lecturers, including their name and surname, photo, contact details, consultation dates and conducted courses. The list also allows to search for lecturers by keywords.

Class Schedule


Just one tap in mStudia application enables access to the personalized class schedule, with both day and week views available. Thanks to the possibility of displaying detailed information about a specific class, such as start time, location and instructor, and the possibility to set reminders in the device calendar, it is much easier for students not to miss any classes and make it to them on time.



The mStudia application will remind students not only about their scheduled classes, but also upcoming exams. In a dedicated tab students can view detailed information about the scheduled exams, including the course name, instructor, date, time and location, as well as about completed exams along with the status: "passed" or "failed". The info on the student’s progress in a given academic year or semester is also displayed in a visual form as a progress line helping students to track their exam completion status and prepare for what lies ahead.



Another feature of mStudia application enables students to display their grades. Without having to log in to the SIS system students can instantly view all their grades received in courses in a given semester, academic year or in a given study field.



Using mStudia app, students have the possibility to quickly access the information about the status of decisions made by the university authorities regarding applications and request they have submitted. The mobile app displays a list of all submitted applications along with their status (e.g. pending, approved or rejected). In case of universities with implemented e-Services, which are a component of  an SIS enabling electronic document flow, students also have the possibility to submit applications to the university authorities directly from their mobile app.



In the Payments tab students can view their detailed current balance of settlements with the university and make online payments directly from the mobile app. Through push notifications mStudia app can remind students about upcoming as well as outstanding payments automating the administrative staff’s communication regarding settlements with the students.



mStudia app also enables students to quickly access the record of currently received and past scholarship payments. Through the application, the university staff may also send notifications about  outgoing scholarship payouts and upcoming payout dates.



The Internships tab contains information regarding internship requirements at a given field of study. This feature also lets students download attachments posted by the university, for example rules and requirements for the interships and conditions that have to be met by the students.


Additional Benefits

  • Significant improvement of communication between university staff and students – newsfeed, fast and effective messaging, push notifications.
  • All the most important information easily accessible in one place.
  • Strengthening the university’s image as a modern organization, keeping up with its students’ needs.
  • Reducing costs and time needed for individual students service in the Students Services Centers.
  • No costs related to the IT infrastructure and IT support (SaaS - Software as a Service delivery model).
  • Fast and easy integration with the majority of SIS, ERP and LMS systems used on the Polish educational market.
  • Compatible with various student information systems (University 10, USOS).
  • Easy content and information management (API, CMS).
  • Integration with Google Analytics - monitoring and analyzing user activity and app utilization.
  • A great marketing tool.


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