Digital Examination System

Digital Examination System

Inspera is the leader on the international market of solutions enabling secure electronic student examination. In Sweden and in Norway, Inspera is used during the national high school final exams, taken each year by over 250 thousand students. At universities, Inspera enables comprehensive management of the student examination process, regardless of the type or the size of the university. The system is used by renowned universities and institutions such as: Cambridge Assessment, University of Oxford, University of Oslo or Caribbean Examination Council.

Digital Examination System Inspera is provided as an online service (SaaS - System as a Service). Installation and service of the system are carried out remotely with the support of PCG Academia. The implementation of the system comes down to to the configuration of the system to the university’s needs, user registration, and integration with the university’s IT solutions, i.e. SIS, anti-plagiarism system or single sign-on system (SSO).The university that decides to introduce the Inspera electronic examination system can use webinars, on-site workshops for employees and support after production launch.

No need to maintain the system of e-exams on the university side and attractive licensing conditions make the Inspera system a beneficial solution for universities that care about optimizing the university's student service and resources.



A stable, scalable, secure system operated in SaaS and SEB mode.
Library of question types, randomization of questions and tests, automatic processing of results and reports.
High service standard: ensuring service continuity, regular updates, helpdesk, webinars, training.
Integration with Student Information System of university, SSO function.
No requirements to expand the university's IT infrastructure or increase human resources.
Compliance with the Polish higher education system.



User allocation


Possibility to configure the roles and authorizations of system administrators, of teachers for creating and evaluating questions and of persons supervising the course of the examination and supporting the students‘ work. Integration with the default SIS by SSO (Single Sign-on) login in all available module: administrators, didactics, students.




Examination planning

Advanced system configuration possibilities with regard to examination mode, question display (sequential or random), support for students with special needs (extra time, spell checking) or anti-plagiarism control.

Question creation

Over a dozen different variants of question creation, including multiple choice questions, descriptive questions, mathematical and chemical formulas, graphic files (e.g. X-ray picture), code compilation and a possibility to record oral answers. The system enables question bank creation and sharing along with randomized allocation of questions to students.

Student allocation

Possibility of importing students’ data from the SIS and of exporting the exam results obtained in the Inspera system back to SIS. Creating exams for specific groups of students. The intuitive process of creating a new exam or exam groups.


Examination may be held in the electronic, paper or combined form. The system enables handling of any exam volumes and conducting examinations on computers belonging to the university or on student devices (BYOD - Bring Your Own Device). Inspera provides a high level of security access to the exam through additional passwords, filtering by the IP address, and the Safe Exam Browser (SEB) function that blocks access to websites and documents not related to the exam.

Elektroniczne egzaminowanie

Examination monitoring

The control panel informs the teachers and administrators of the students’ ongoing progress and of their activity in the system during the examination. The available function of communicating with students allows sending dedicated messages and warnings or informing the group about the remaining time.

Examination grading

Automatic or manual examination grading mode with a possibility to dispatch comments and feedback to the student via the system. The ability to define workflows optimizing the involvement of administrative and teaching staff in the examination verification process.

Results analysis


Automatically generated reports and analyses presenting the distribution of the students' grades and the statistics relative to the examination. Possibility to expand the functionalities with analyses of the difficulties and returning the answers from the exams conducted by specific lecturers or in individual student groups.





The system is integratable with other systems used at the universities, such as:

  • Student Information Systems, including University 10,
  • Learning Management Systems through IMS Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI),
  • Google Apps for Education,
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • and with external tools: Geobra, MatLab, AutoCAD.


In case of using Inspera system as a stand-alone system without integration with the SIS, one-off student accounts are created for the exam.

Users opinions


Valeriia Gorlushko

Head of the Examination Center

Koźmiński University

"With the Inspera we received a tool to improve the quality of electronic exams and to increase security standards. Pleasant to the eye and easy to use system interface has been very positively received both by lecturers and students of our university."


Dagmara Plata-Alf


Department of Marketing, Koźmiński University

„The Inspera system definitely improved examinations carried out by me. First of all, he made the following possible:

1) digitization of materials, safe storage of exam papers and access from any place in case of any questions from students,

2) re-use of tests and reconfiguration of questions, for example by the possibility of adding questions to configured tests and building a database for subsequent years in the course of conducted subjects,

3) sharing materials with other lecturers of the same subjects and cooperation of lecturers, which is especially valuable for co-delivered subjects,

4) time savings (a lot - especially in the field of checking tests, which has shortened from 2 weeks to 3 hours).”


Małgorzata Ćwil


Department of Quantitative Methods and Applications of Computer Science, Koźmiński University

"I definitely recommend the Inspera system to every teacher who needs a efficient, intuitive and flexible exam tool. Using Inspera saves time while increasing the quality oftests."


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