As a partner of universities in various IT projects, we have noticed that IT systems and applications at universities are often launched ad-hoc – in response to dynamically emerging business needs, without considering long-term financial and technological consequences of their implementation. As a result, at many universities we observe a real patchwork of mismatched IT solutions, conflicting IT vendors and outdated technical infrastructure.

Why is it important to plan the IT development at the university?

At PCG Academia, we recommend that our clients take a strategic, long-term approach to IT planning and development. By having a single, cohesive plan for university digital transformation, you are able to achieve the following benefits and more:

  • Cost control and reduction – Long-term planning allows you to anticipate and budget all costs associated with IT development at the university. By planning ahead, you are able to find and eliminate the cost of systems that duplicate the functionality of existing solutions. Long-term planning will also allow you to negotiate better financial terms with IT service providers.
  • Capturing dependencies between systems – IT at the university is a system of communicating vessels. The implementation of one solution often determines the possibility of launching other applications, for example because of the integration between systems and the required data exchange. A good IT strategy will help you avoid additional costs associated with downtime or conflicts between implementations.
  • Obtaining additional funds for development – the EU Financial Perspective 2021-2027 creates great opportunities for universities wishing to invest in IT. Having a long-term plan for IT development at your university, you will be able to apply for funds that will allow to finance the purchase of software along with the infrastructure necessary to run it at the university in the future.

How can we help?

PCG Academia has a comprehensive portfolio of IT solutions for universities, delivered in-house and with our international group of product partners: Blackboard, Inspera, Intelliboard, OpenLMS, and WEBCON.

Our products and services cover three major areas of the university operations:

  • Administration of university processes
  • Remote student teaching
  • Science

In each of our areas of expertise we have a vast experience from implementing projects for the largest and most demanding universities in the country such as Jagiellonian University, University of Warsaw, Kozminski University or SWPS University. We also draw on the international experience of our partners, who, such as Blackboard or Inspera, provide services to hundreds of leading universities from around the world, including CambridgeOxford and IESE.

From idea to IT project

At PCG Academia, we have a diverse team of consultants – from experts in higher education law and EU funding to dedicated IT staff: architects, product managers and implementers. Based on your needs, we can develop a complete IT concept for your university which can be used as an input for your application for EU funding or a description of the subject of the public procurement.

Let’s talk IT!

Using statutory tools available to HEIs, such as technical dialogue, we encourage you to meet with us to discuss planning a long-term IT strategy for your university.

Engaging in dialogue with PCG Academia will give you:

  • Analysis of your university’s needs and capabilities in each of our four areas of expertise;
  • Presentation of PCG solutions and the relationships between them (ecosystem perspective);
  • Detailed descriptions of IT products and solutions necessary for the preparation of tendering procedure or funding application

In order to arrange a meeting we invite you to contact us at: +48 17 777 37 00 or at e-mail address: