Understanding student genome

Students are the reasons for higher education existence. To meet students’ expectations, HEIs have to understand them as well as possible. It is not always easy to understand young persons in formative years of their lives. Sometimes they can not understand themselves.

An institution of higher education has multiple data on students. The data points range from formal grades, credits through marks in a learning platform, records of library usage to behavioural data of logs e.g. in access control systems. The data belongs to the students. Only part of it can be used by the institution as part of standard academic obligations – still, the students should be able to access the data for themselves and to make sense of it. They can also allow the institution to use some of the data for improvement of academic experience.

PCG Academia offers the e-retention module as a tool for both students self-improvement and institutional retention support. The module can be connected with any number of data sources. Students can review the data and indicate the sources that they want to use on their own. They also can indicate what can be used by the institution.


The e-retention can be connected with many other modules that constitute the HEI ICT ecosystem e.g:

  • Student information system – that is the source of data on academic success,
  • E-learning platform – with many data that can describe students learning patterns,
  • E-examination tool – where not only results but behavioural patterns can be observed,
  • Document workflow – a source of information on administrative communication with the university.