Structuring HEI ICT ecosystem

Effective university management requires coordination of many processes carried out – sometimes separately – in various organisational units of a higher education institution. Many of these processes require sophisticated IT support tool. It is impossible to create a single IT package that simultaneously provides the best support for:

  • teaching and learning,
  • student services,
  • research,
  • library.


Even a small HEI would use dozens of different software packages. The packages hopefully serve well needs of their users, but their diversity may create separate IT silos. PCG Academia offers a solution that allows not only to minimise the risk of separate IT system but also ensures that data from all of them can be shared and analysed.

The most numerous higher education processes are student-centred. In the majority of HEIs, the processed consume most of the institution budgets. We believe that student information system should define a structure around which an ICT ecosystem is built.

PCG Academia offers as a core of an open ecosystem of IT solutions Uni10 student information system. Its extensive and flexible structure can be used to define among others:

  • the academic structure of an HEI,
  • programme curricula,
  • required teaching and administrative staff,
  • institution estates, venues and assets,
  • academic calendar,
  • student groups.


This data can then be shared using API calls with any other IT system. We can share data with a number of other modules via either standard or proprietary data exchange procedures. Following modules have already been integrated at our customers with SIS:


Read more about Uni10 system – download a brochure