PCG Academia together with partners Blackboard and Inspera have the honor to invite you to the webinar entitled “Remote teaching and examining students using Blackboard and Inspera technology”, during which we would like to introduce you to digital tools for conducting classes and examining students. We will also present you step by step about the possibilities of financing these solutions from the POWER 3.5 Program “Accessible University”. Our initiative is directly related to the epidemiological situation in Poland and is a response to the challenge faced by all universities and students in our country.

The webinar will take place this Thursday, April 23rd at 11am.


According to the latest recommendations of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, classes and examinations at Polish universities will be carried out remotely at least until the end of the current academic year.

Therefore emerges the question how to quickly organize and conduct remote teaching and remote examination for thousands of students, while ensuring the security, scalability and reliability of the tools used?

These and many other questions will be answered by PCG Academia experts – Magda Sochacka, Anna Warda-Ritzen and Adrian Wyszyński – during a 60-minute webinar.


During the webinar you will learn:

  • what digital tools are available for remote teaching and examination,
  • what is the pilot program co-created with our partners, Blackboard and Inspera, and how it is tailored to the needs and capability of Polish universities,
  • what are the possibilities of financing both pilot projects from the POWER 3.5 Program “Accessible University”.

All the participants will also have the possibility to ask their questions and exchange opinions with PCG Academia experts.