On 14 September 2018 in Rzeszów PCG Academia organized a training on the dean’s office processes, which was delivered by experts from The Dean’s Offices’ Forum (Forum Dziekanatów – Dziekanaty.pl): Prof. SGH Katarzyna Górak-Sosnowska, PhD (Head of the Middle East and Central Asia Unit and Vice Dean of Master’s Studies Office at SGH Warsaw School of Economics) and Anna Stoczkiewicz, MSc (Head of the Deanery of Faculty of Civil Engineering at Warsaw University of Technology and member of Rector’s Committee on standardization of service processes and documentation of the course of study).

The scope of the training included processes related to student’s registration for the next semester, material assistance, reporting and improvement of work of the deanery.

The training was a second out of four meetings dedicated to student service procedures, dean’s office processes, reporting and the best practices in organizing work of dean’s offices at Polish universities. Deaneries are universities’ units that are the most burdened with procedures and consequences of implementing new legislative decisions, while still having to perform the functions of front office and help desk for students.

During the training were discussed practices observed at Polish universities and analyzed by the team of researchers including Prof. SGH Katarzyna Górak Sosnowska, PhD, Jakub Brdulak, PhD, Michał Matusiewicz, PhD, and Irena Senator, MA. The results of research have been summarized in the monograph titled  Dziekanaty na wyższych uczelniach: funkcjonowanie – wyzwania – dobre praktyki (Dean’s offices at universities: functioning – challenges – good practices).

The training was attended by representatives of seven universities from Poland and employees of PCG Academia, so the event took the form of an interinstitutional exchange of knowledge and practices. The participants also learned the recipe for „happy deanery”, which functions at several of the universities studied and its employees derive satisfaction from their duties and optimization of student service processes.

One of the key elements of improving the dean’s office work is a system supporting the dean’s office processes. It makes us proud that the leading university with a „happy deanery” – Kozminski University in Warsaw – uses the PCG Academia’s Student Information System for their dean’s office processes.

PCG Academia undertakes a number of activities aimed at improving the quality of services. One of them is substantive cooperation with the Dean’s Offices’ Forum operating at the SGH Warsaw School of Economics.