PCG Academia has signed an agreement with the WSB University –  a university from the strict top of Perspektywy Ranking of the best non-public schools – for the delivery and launching of the Inspera electronic examination system. The system will be launched in just 60 days from signing of the contract.

Thanks to the Inspera system, WSB University will be able to safely conduct electronic examinations for students. The solution of PCG Academia’s partner, the Norwegian company Inspera, allows for the complete digitalization of examination processes at the university, starting from the creation of questions and exam sheets, through the conducting of the examination, to the grading of exams and providing feedback to students.

Under the agreement, PCG Academia will also integrate the electronic examination system with the university’s student information system. Thanks to the integration data regarding the timetables, students and grades will be automatically exchanged, facilitating the process of exams planning and reducing the workload related to the administration of exams.

The Inspera system also ensures high security of remote electronic exams. The examiner sees the progress of the students taking the exam in real time in the control panel. In addition, students’ progress is continuously saved on the servers so that even in the event of hardware problems, no work is lost and the exam can be resumed electronically or continued on paper.

After the exams end, students’ papers are stored in an electronic archive, which relieves the lecturer of the cumbersome task to archive the bulky exam papers.

The implementation of the Inspera system will result in strengthening the security of exams and
simplified examination process for educators and university administration. Moreover, students will receive faster access to the obtained grade and feedback from the lecturer. The Inspera system will ultimately allow each student to conduct every exam at the WSB University electronically, i.e. using a computer.

The abovementioned improvements in the examination process will both increase the quality of learning outcomes and the attractiveness of studies at the WSB University. Ultimately, the Inspera system will provide access to 15,000 users.

The agreement will be valid until the end of July 2023.