PCG Academia has launched Sciencecloud modules for analytics and records of scientific achievements at the SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities. The system was delivered to the university in the subscription model (Software as a Service), giving the university an access to the application filled with data within a few weeks from signing the contract.

As part of the cooperation between the SWPS University and PCG Academia, two of the four modules of the Sciencecloud system were delivered. The Records module enables the collection and processing of information on the academic achievements of university employees within all three evaluation criteria, in accordance with the latest guidelines of the Ministry. The Analytics module, based on data from the Records and from the financial and accounting system (ERP), enables monitoring and simulation of filling the publication slots by scientists and allows the optimal selection of publications in the light of evaluation constraints and employee declarations.

Thanks to Sciencecloud, employees of the SWPS University are able to track the key parameters for the evaluation and to monitor and optimize the scientific strategy implemented in individual disciplines on an ongoing basis. PCG Academia works in close cooperation with the National Information Processing Institute – National Research Institute to enable automatic transmission of information about the university’s scientific achievements to ministerial systems, in particular to the Academic Achievement Evaluation System (SEDN).

The family of Sciencecloud, apart from Analytics and Records, also includes Employee Assessment and Scientific Repository modules. Sciencecloud is used by a wide range of institutions subjected to scientific evaluation. This include research universities (Jagiellonian University), leading non-public schools (University of Social Sciences or Humanitas University), art academies (Aleksander Zelwerowicz National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw or Film School in Lodz), as well as research institutes (Forest Research Institute).

We encourage you to watch the video demonstration of the Sciencecloud system and to contact PCG Academia in order to provide a free valuation, tailored to the needs and capabilities of your university.