THE World University Rankings is, next to the Shanghai Ranking, one of the most famous university rankings. It is compiled by the British weekly “Times Higher Education” and has been published annually since 2011.

The universities in the ranking are classified on the basis of 13 criteria grouped in five areas: Teaching (the learning environment), Research (volume, income and reputation), Citations (research influence), International outlook (staff, students and research), and Industry income (knowledge transfer).Part of the data is obtained from the Scopus database (e.g. citations) and an annual survey among the academic community (e.g. assessment of prestige and teaching conditions).

The rest of the data is provided by the universities themselves. Currently, data collection is open for universities that want to participate in the next edition of the ranking. Institutions that want to take part in the classification must, however, meet three conditions: teach at the undergraduate level, publish a sufficient number of scientific publications in the past five years (at least 1,000 relevant publications in the past five years and 150 each year) and conduct research in at least several disciplines (less than 80% research in one single subject, what means that one discipline cannot account for more than 80% of the total output).

Institutions that meet these requirements and agree to submit the data requested by Times Higher Education may participate in the recognized THE World University Rankings. In addition to the main ranking, universities will also be included in other rankings conducted by THE, such as subject and regional rankings or the Young Universities Ranking.

THE Rankings are one of the best ways to present your university in the world, because they are one of the best known and widely referenced rankings globally. The popularity of the ranking is confirmed by the number of submissions – last year’s edition collected data from nearly 2,000 universities and over 1,500 higher education institutions from 93 countries.

Information on the current data collection can be found at

In the last, 2021 edition of THE World University Rankings 19 Polish universities were included. The Jagiellonian University ranked highest in the group of places 501–600. As PCG Academia, we are proud to be able to cooperate with the leader amongst Polish universities.

Jagiellonian University was followed by the Medical University of Warsaw and the University of Warsaw – both universities placed in the 801–1000 group. The remaining 16 universities qualified in the 1001+ group.