We would like to invite you to a 2-day seminar devoted to the presentation of best practice in electronic student examination, organized by the Norwegian company INSPERA, leader in electronic examinations for school and university students. PCG Polska and Partners in Progress are the exclusive distributors of the INSPERA e-Assessment system in Poland.

The event constitutes an excellent opportunity to:

  • exchange experiences regarding electronic student examination with the representatives of close to 100 universities from all over Europe;
  • see how electronic student examination with the use of the Inspera e-Assessment system works like at the University of Oslo;
  • meet the Management Board of Inspera and discuss the terms of implementation of the system at your university directly with the provider.


The seminar will be held on 22-23 September at the campus of the University of Oslo. The detailed agenda of the event is available here. Participation in the seminar and in the evening integration event is free of charge. The university covers the costs of flight to Oslo and of accommodation. We will wait for applications from the interested parties until 16 September and coordinate the trip.

INSPERA is the leader on the international market of solutions providing secure electronic examinations for school and university students. At universities, INSPERA enables comprehensive management of the student examination process, regardless of the type or the size of the university. INSPERA currently operates in 24 countries all over the world and is used by some of the world’s best universities, including the Cambridge University in the United Kingdom.

Please direct any questions related to the conference to Mr Łukasz Nowak, telephone number: 605 086 236, e-mail: lnowak@pcgpolska.pl, who is going to represent PCG/Partners in Progress during the entire Oslo event.