The pursuit of optimization of university processes, including the examination process, is a necessity in the era of progressing technological changes, unrestricted access to content published on the Internet, growing expectations of university stakeholders regarding quality of student service and shortening the waiting time for the response from university administration.

During the seminar, participants will take part in practical workshops, lectures and networking meetings. They will have the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the Inspera Assessment system created in close cooperation with the higher education sector and utilized by prestigious universities such as University of Cambridge.

The seminar on the electronic student examination will give attendants a better picture of Inspera solutions proven in 24 countries and an excellent opportunity to:

  • exchange experiences regarding electronic student examination with the representatives of almost 100 universities from all over Europe;
  • see how electronic student examination with the use of the Inspera e-Assessment system works like at the University of Oslo;
  • discuss the terms of implementation of the system at your university directly with the representatives of Inspera.


The seminar is addressed to university managers, academics and administrative staff, as well as representatives of university’s examination centers and IT departments.

The event is an excellent opportunity for representatives of European universities to exchange knowledge and experience regarding software and electronic system for evaluation of knowledge acquired by students of various majors and specializations.

Details about seminar are available here.

Participation in the seminar and in the evening integration event is free. Participants are obliged to cover their travel and accommodation costs. Application forms of participation in the event are accepted until 14 September 2018. If you’re interested, please contact the PCG Academia Office by using the contact form or by calling (17) 777 37 77, (22) 53 53 712 or by email to . We offer organizational support and coordination of a joint trip.

Inspera is the leader on the international market of solutions providing secure electronic examinations for school and university students. At universities, Inspera enables comprehensive management of the student examination process, regardless of the type or the size of the university. Inspera currently operates in 24 countries all over the world and is used by some of the world’s best universities, including the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. PCG Academia is the exclusive partner of INSPERA in Poland.

For questions regarding the seminar, please contact the PCG Academia Office by calling (17) 777 37 77, (22) 712 53 53 or bt email at address .