On July 1, 2021, the Minister of Education and Science established a new program called “Science for the Society” (Nauka dla Społeczeństwa).

Under the program, universities and research institutes can obtain from 100,000 up to 2 million zloty co-financing grant for the implementation of projects in the area of scientific excellence, in the scope of activities such as:

  • support in the process of shaping and implementing evaluation mechanisms, and
  • internationalization of Polish science and increasing the recognition of its achievements.

In each of the above-mentioned activities, applications may include the costs of access to the software necessary for achieving the project goals. It is important that the software is delivered in a form of subscription, as the program does not allow the purchase of fixed assets, including perpetual licenses.

Sciencecloud is an integrated ecosystem of IT solutions delivered to universities and research institutes as a service in the subscription model (SaaS). Sciencecloud directly supports the implementation of the priorities set out in the “Science for the Society” program in the area of scientific excellence.

The Sciencecloud consists of the following modules:

  • Scientific Analytics– enables the monitoring and simulation of the filling of publication slots by scientists and allows the optimal selection of publications in the light of evaluation constraints and employees’ declarations. Analytics algorithms also take into account additional points generated by i.e. artistic activities, projects, and impact on local communities.
  • Scientific Records – enables the collection and processing of information on the scientific achievements of university staff within all three evaluation criteria, in compliance with the latest guidelines from the Ministry of Science.
  • Scientific Repository – allows attractive presentation of scientific achievements of the university Staff based on dSpace 7 or, alternatively, using a proprietary PCG solution (for small and medium universities).
  • Employee assessment– enables defining and servicing of any internal process of periodic analysis of employees’ performance in the areas of research and didactics, using data from external and academic systems.

Sciencecloud is used by a wide range of institutions subjected to scientific evaluation, including big research universities (Jagiellonian University), top non-public schools (SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities), art academies (Aleksander Zelwerowicz National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw), as well as research institutes (Forest Research Institute).

You can learn more about the main functionalities of the Sciencecloud system in the video demonstration below. If you are interested in a dedicated presentation of the system for your institution or you want to obtain a contribution to the application for funding in the form of a technical description of any of the Sciencecloud modules, please contact us by phone or e-mail: +48 606 400 304, piotr.masalski@pcgacademia.pl.