On 13 August, Public Consulting Group (PCG) of Boston, together with PCG Polska, acquired the Librus company, leader in the market of IT solutions for the education sector in Poland. PCG purchased shares in Librus Sp. z o.o. from the ORESA Ventures investment fund. The Management Board of Librus will remain unchanged and further investment in technology and in employees are planned. Details of the transaction remain confidential.

Librus was established in Katowice in 2002. It is widely known for the e‑Dziennik system and the LIBRUS Synergia solution. These advanced products, dedicated to educational institutions, are currently used by over 20% Polish schools, encompassing over 27% students of primary, lower secondary and upper secondary schoold. The integrated IT solutions elaborated by Librus respond to the informational and managerial needs of educational institutions, such as pedagogical oversight, legally required reporting or efficient communication between teachers, parents and students.

“Our mission is to assist the evolution of education in Poland by providing state‑of‑the‑art solutions supporting educational processes and educational management. We have always tried to exceed the expectations of the market. We have been creating proprietary solutions and gathering valuable experience for 12 years”, says Marcin Kempka, the President of Management Board of Librus. “If we want to continue growing at this pace, we need substantive support from an experienced international partner. I am very glad we have just found one”.

The President of the Management Board and the founder of PCG, William Mossakowski, says that his Polish origins were the main reason for opening the first Polish PCG office in 2010 in Łódź and for establishing the PCG Polska Company. The next branch of PCG Polska Sp. z o.o. was opened in Warsaw in 2012. Currently, PCG Polska holds a status of Non‑Public In‑service Teacher Training Center. It organizes trainings and offers a number of technological solutions for managers in education and in other fields such as healthcare. It also offers the online system for assisting individual educational needs, EdPlan®.

In July, PCG Polska also acquired the company Partners in Progress from Rzeszów – a provider of IT solutions for universities. After finalizing the investments into Librus and Partners in Progress companies, PCG Polska becomes the leader in the field of services and IT solutions for all stages of education, with almost 200 employees in Poland. “PCG is highly involved in Poland. Through these and further planned investments, we want to significantly contribute to the success of the Polish education sector. We wish to continue our work towards improving the quality of education for young Poles”, declared Mossakowski.

“I enthusiastically welcome the possibility of close cooperation with the Librus Company and with its Management Board, headed by the President Marcin Kempka, which will allow us to enhance our offer for the Polish education sector”, said Piotr Dmochowski-Lipski, President of the Management Board of PCG Polska Sp. z o.o. “The solutions offered by Librus and Partners in Progress are a complementary offer on the education market. We hope to continue our growth in Poland”.Before the acquisition of the Librus company, PCG Polska and Librus participated for a number of years, working towards the common purpose: increasing the quality of education.

Before the acquisition of the Librus company, PCG Polska and Librus participated for a number of years, working towards the common purpose: increasing the quality of education.

“We fully trust Marcin Kempka and the seasoned managers at Librus. Together, we are planning to continue to provide the top‑of‑the‑range educational products and services in Poland”, said Grant Blair, Head of PCG Education, the education department of the Public Consulting Group. “It is a fascinating period in the evolution of PCG Polska. There is considerable growth potential and we are hopeful about the future and about the chances to implement the company’s mission in Poland”.


About LibrusLibrus is the leader of IT solutions for the education sector in Poland. It offers IT-based solutions and services which enable better communication between schools, parents and students as well as support education and learning processes and administrative functions in education. Librus also offers training programs for educators and innovative solutions supporting the individualization of education. Currently, the signature product of the Librus company is used by 3500 schools, over 120,000 teachers, 1.2 million students and a corresponding number of parents and custodians. Librus has over 3 million unique users per month. The company was previously owned by the Oresa Ventures investment fund.

More information about Librus is available at www.librus.pl

Media contacts:
Marcin Kempka,
President of the Management Board, Librus sp. z o.o.

Piotr Dmochowski-Lipski,
President of the Management Board, PCG Polska sp. z o.o.