Experts and partners cooperating with PCG took part in a discussion panel entitled “Process approach and theory of constraints in public and private sector management” during the 12th International MBA Congress held in Cracow between 13 and 15 May 2016.

The panel was headed on behalf of PCG by Grzegorz Rawicz-Mańkowski, PhD, and the discussion featured representatives of universities cooperating closely with PCG: Jacek Grabowski, MD (Chancellor of the Medical University of Lodz), Maciej Madziński (Operating Director at the Kozminski University) and Michał Chmielecki, PhD (University of Social Sciences).

The MBA Congress is the biggest initiative in Poland integrating the MBA circles. The main objective of the event is to establish an active platform for cooperation, exchange of experiences, broadening the knowledge and the perspective. The specificity of the concert consists in combining speeches by scientists from Polish and foreign universities and by leading experts and economists.

Each year, the Congress is attended by mid- and upper-level managers holding a Master of Business Administration as well as by MBA Programme Directors and by scientists from Polish and foreign universities. The Cracow Business School at Cracow University of Economics wants to make the annual congress a permanent part of the agenda of each MBA manager.