PCG Academia established cooperation with the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science & Technology (DHERST) of Papua New Guinea in order to improve the transparency of the university candidate selection process. From this year on, it will be conducted through the National Online Selection System, implemented by PCG Academia.

The system will be used by all 34 higher education institutions in Papua New Guinea. The first students will already be selected through the PCG Academia system this year.  The selection will cover over 28 thousand students who will take their final exams, of key importance to the enrolment process, this year.

“Previously, the entire selection process in Papua New Guinea was conducted manually, on paper, which resulted in the universities losing a number of very good candidates”, explains the president of PCG Academia, Leszek Lewoc. During the seminar organised especially for the Papuan academic circles, held at the DHERST headquarters, Leszek Lewoc presented the system and showed how modern technological solutions may be used to the benefit of universities and of students.

Pila Niningi, The Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology, was evidently satisfied with the fact that the new system will be implemented by PCG Academia, a part of the Public Consulting Group, a company successfully providing services to the education and higher education sectors in the USA, Canada and Europe.

Implementation of the National Online Selection System by PCG Academia benefits all stakeholder groups. Universities will be able to enrol the best applicants in a completely transparent, reliable and objective manner. The transparency of the process will also prevent any attempts of corruption and other unfair practices and even the chances of university applicants.

Minister Niningi added that the system will enable the ministry of science to save up to 5 million kina. He also emphasized that the system will provide equal opportunities for all high school graduates wishing to enter a university.