PCG Academia, as an official Microsoft Partner, has become part of the Innovation Alley of the Polish Digital Valley – a space for demonstration of ready-to-implement, breakthrough solutions that use the potential of cloud or artificial intelligence and can be used in all market sectors.

Innovation Alley was launched in the Microsoft Technology Center in Warsaw. It presents the most interesting examples of using technology in real, industry scenarios. The Alley allows testing and creating innovative technologies, including solutions using the potential of the Azure cloud computing.

The Innovation Alley is also intended to provide a space for Microsoft customers and partners to get inspired to broaden their utilization of technologies and  develop strategies and plans for digital transformation.

An Economist Intelligence Unit study published in May 2021 on behalf of Microsoft found a strong correlation – the more focused companies were on digital transformation, the faster they were able to restore operations and enable people to move on after a pandemic. According to the survey, cloud technology brought a distinctive value, with 50% of organizations saying it played a key role in their operations after the COVID-19 pandemic, followed by technologies that enabled remote working (40%), artificial intelligence and machine learning (33%) and the Internet of Things (31%).

The solutions collected in the Alley will enable organizations from every industry to fully tap the potential of cloud computing and digital transformation. Digital transformation is a combination of technology, knowledge and experience from many disciplines. At its core are implementation companies and technical specialists who have the right mix of skills and a problem-solving mindset to offer.

We are proud that as an official Microsoft Partner we support this process, and our solutions, used for years by universities in Poland and abroad, have become a part of such unique project as the Innovation Alley of the Polish Digital Valley.

Our first product, which you can see at the Microsoft Technology Centre today, is PCG Analytics – a tool that supports strategic decision-making based on data analysis in PowerBI.

PCG Analytics, part of the Educloud system, enables making strategic management decisions and reporting inside and outside the university. The service, based on Power BI technology from Microsoft, integrates dispersed sources of data about the university in one place.

Innovation is happening here and now.