Jagiellonian University Medical College commissioned PCG Academia to create a specialized scientific data integrator. The aim of the project is to enable automatic data flow between internal database used by Medical College and two superior science management systems used at Jagiellonian University – Sciencecloud system and Jagiellonian University Repository (RUJ) based on

The integrator designed by PCG will enable automatic flow of bibliographic descriptions and full-text scientific publications of Medical College employees to dedicated collections in the Jagiellonian University Repository. The use of deduplication mechanisms and integration with the central employee registry in the SAP system will guarantee high data quality and make it easier to promote scientific activities of the Medical College.

The Medical College conducted the upload of scientific information to Polish Scholarly Bibliography (PBN) for 2017-2021 using the Sciencecloud system, adding and updating already existing data in the ministerial database on several thousand publications within the field of Medical and Health Sciences. The activities planned for implementation under the contract with PCG Academia will streamline the process of transferring the scientific achievements of the Medical College to the records and analysis modules of University’s Sciencecloud system, as well as enable their further reporting to the ministerial systems in the next scientific evaluation period 2022-2026.