PCG is expanding its portfolio of services offered to universities thanks to the partnership agreement concluded with WEBCON, the provider of the leading solution for electronic documents workflow and business process automation: WEBCON BPS.

On January 4th, 2021, PCG Academia concluded a partnership agreement with WEBCON, a leading provider of a low-code platform for the business process automation and workflow. As part of the partnership, PCG Academia will be responsible for the distribution and delivery of the WEBCON BPS system to universities in Poland and abroad. The partnership concluded with WEBCON is part of the long-term development strategy of PCG in Poland, aimed at building a comprehensive and integrated platform of solutions for universities (Educloud).

WEBCON BPS is a proprietary BPM (Business Process Management) class solution of WEBCON company. The so-called business applications built using the platform enable to effectively manage the flow of tasks, information and documents in universities. Using WEBCON BPS, institutions can easily, without involving programming resources, define any flow of student documents (applications, decisions) and office documents (instructions, contracts, invoices). Importantly, the WEBCON BPS platform can handle virtually any scenario (process), and the applications created for this purpose are, on the one hand, ideally suited to the needs and requirements, and on the other – highly standardized, easy to maintain, develop and modify.

“We believe that WEBCON BPS will be a valuable supplement to the PCG offer of services for universities, especially in the context of the prevailing pandemic and the related need to deal with increasing number of cases electronically”, says Łukasz Nowak, Vice President of PCG Academia in Poland. “PCG Academia is a company with an established position on the market and many years of experience in implementing systems for universities. We are looking forward to working together for a digital transformation of the education sector in Poland”, adds Łukasz Malina, Vice President of WEBCON.

WEBCON joins the international group of PCG product partners in Poland, along with the American company Blackboard (online education) and the Norwegian company INSPERA (electronic examination). Thanks to the newly concluded agreement, PCG Academia strengthens its position on the market as a leading producer and integrator of IT solutions for universities.