Just in a year and a half since the start of cooperation between PCG Academia and WEBCON, our company – operating exclusively within the higher education sector – has been awarded WEBCON Premium Partner status. Premium Partner status is awarded to companies that approach cooperation with WEBCON strategically, continuously develop business and technical competencies, regularly participate in product training, master new versions of the WEBCON BPS system and actively acquire new clients.

„In the 18 months of our cooperation, we have completed 9 major implementations of the WEBCON BPS platform for universities from all over the country – an average of one in two months. Considering the fact that we operate in the public sector, under the rigor of the Public Procurement Law, this is seems to be not a bad result”, says Łukasz Nowak, Vice-President of PCG Academia.

„I can confidently say that WEBCON BPS has won the hearts of our customers. University employees appreciate its flexibility, including the ability to optimize implemented workflows on their own or with the support of PCG consultants. WEBCON BPS also fills the empty spaces between the university’s large domain systems, i.e. SIS, ERP, CRM, streamlining processes such as approvals. Wherever there is an integration interface (e.g. API), we connect WEBCON BPS and set the data in motion, without the need to order costly programming changes in the university’s systems”, comments Ewa Makowska-Tłomak, Business Line Director and Team Leader at PCG Academia.

PCG Academia employs a constantly growing team of dozens of business and technical consultants, who are competent in the area of implementation and development of applications based on WEBCON BPS. Our people have not only product knowledge, confirmed by certified trainings organized by WEBCON, but most of all substantive knowledge in the area of didactic and administrative processes running at universities. We built our competencies in the course of nearly 30 implementations of student information systems that we completed for universities across the country. Today, this knowledge and skills pay off in the implementations of electronic document management systems (EDMS).

As a WEBCON Partner, we are investing in the development of new solutions using low-code technology. One of the examples is the Student eFolder, a digital catalog of processes and documents that are a standard in the student service processes at the university. We are also designing a module enabling digital service for foreign exchange students, the Erasmus Without Paper, as well as an application integrated with our scientific information management system, Sciencecloud, enabling periodic evaluation of the performance of teachers and researchers employed at universities.

An important step in further strengthening the cooperation between PCG and WEBCON in the upcoming Academic Year 2022/2023 will be the EZDay – a nationwide conference on the theme of electronic document management. The event will be held on October 20, 2022 in Krakow, Poland, and its detailed program will be published on our website soon.