PCG Academia is among a small group of ten IT companies from Poland and the world that have been awarded WEBCON Premium Partner status for 2023.

PCG Academia and WEBCON have been working together on the Polish education market since 2021. During this time, PCG has received WEBCON Premium Partner status for the second time.

Premium Partner status is granted annually to partner companies characterized by a high volume of sales of the WEBCON BPS platform and substantive competence in its implementation and effective use by clients. Premium Partners receive preferential license purchase terms from WEBCON and can count on additional support for their projects.

PCG Academia is currently one of WEBCON’s most experienced partners in the area of implementations for public sector clients. Since the beginning of the cooperation between PCG and WEBCON, we have completed 9 joint projects, in which we have worked nearly 20,000 hours and delivered more than 300 electronic documentation workflows to our clients. Recipients of our services are universities of different types and sizes – from large, reputable universities such as the Krakow University of Economics or the Medical University of Gdańsk, to leading non-public universities such as the WSB University in Dabrowa Gornicza or Collegium Civitas.

In the course of our implementations, we have connected the WEBCON platform with a variety of domain systems found at universities, including the USOS student information system and the PCG Dean’s Office student information system, as well as with a wide range of ERP class solutions. We have also developed three proprietary business applications based on WEBCON – the Employee Assessment module, the Erasmus Without Paper module and the Student’s and Employee’s e-Folder module. The WEBCON BPS platform has also become the primary development tool for domain systems owned by PCG, i.e. the student information and recruitment systems.

“Our portfolio for 2023 includes over a dozen new projects for a total amount of nearly 20 million PLN”, says Łukasz Nowak, Vice President of PCG Academia. “We are observing a snowball effect, where one successful implementation leads us to two more. We feel that the WEBCON BPS platform has a real chance to become a sector standard in the education market in Poland, and we want to actively participate in this process.”

In the fall of 2022, PCG Academia and WEBCON held EZDAY, a nationwide conference to summarize the first 18 months of joint work. During the event, we discussed case studies of WEBCON BPS platform implementation at three very different universities. We also presented the legal considerations for the implementation of electronic student documentation implementation in universities. All of this was recorded and videos are available on the PCG Academia website under the Blog tab. You’re welcome to peruse all materials. Feel kindly invited to cooperate with PCG Academia and WEBCON in the field of digitization and automation of processes in your organizations.