We are very pleased to inform you that Paweł Morawski (BEng, PhD), Head of e-Learning at the Social Academy of Sciences (SAN), took on the role of the Brand Ambassador for Blackboard. The Ambassador will promote the best practices in a distance education and an implementation of new technologies for e-learning.

Paweł Morawski holds the position of Head of e-Learning at SAN since 2012. He manages the distance learning process in an international and dispersed university environment, since SAN has campuses in Warsaw, Lodz, Cracow, and London.

In order to further develop online teaching as part of its long-term development strategy, SAN has decided to implement the Blackboard Learn Ultra e-learning platform. The solution will be implemented by PCG Academia and Blackboard, with which SAN signed an agreement in April this year. SAN will be the first university in Poland to implement the Blackboard platform in the SaaS model.

Blackboard is a global leader in the field of educational technologies. The company has a broad and varied portfolio of solutions supporting e-learning in schools and universities. Their flagship product, Blackboard Learn Ultra, is the most popular distance learning platform in the world, used by millions of users in 90 countries.

Blackboard Learn Ultra brings all aspects of the teaching process into a digital world, including conducting classes via video conferencing and posting educational materials online. The platform has a wide range of tools for communication and increasing student engagement in learning, as well as numerous functionalities supporting teachers in providing classes, such as calendar for planning sessions, tools for checking student attendance and assessment, anti-plagiarism tool, repository and reporting functions. Despite having so many features, Learn Ultra remains easy to use and needs only a web browser to work.

For SAN implementing the Blackboard solution is a way to increase the accessibility of learning materials and to better meet the needs of students with special needs, as well as to enable convenient conducting of high-quality remote classes and consultations.

PCG Academia is the exclusive distributor of Blackboard solutions in Poland.

Contact with Brand Ambassador for Blackboard:

Paweł Morawski (BEng, PhD), Head of e-Learning, Social Academy of Sciences