On behalf of the organizer, ICWE GmbH, we are pleased to invite you to the 22nd edition of the international Online Educa Berlin (OEB) Conference, devoted to technologies and services supporting education and science. The conference will be held from 30th November to 2nd December at the InterContinental Hotel in Berlin.

During the last twenty years, the OEB conference, attended by over 2,300 participants from 100 countries acquired reputation as a meeting space for the representatives of the biggest education, public services and business institutions.

The conference agenda (detailed version available here) will feature over 70 seminars and workshops during which education specialists will discuss the latest trends in e-learning, modern methods of knowledge transfer and the use of cutting-edge technologies in education processes. At the same time, 80 exhibitors will present the latest solutions aimed at improving the quality of education. The conference will be held entirely in English.

PCG is pleased to offer its customers the possibility to participate in the OEB conference at a special price of EUR 600 (the regular price is EUR 790). We will provide transport from Warsaw to Berlin for the interested persons and attend the conference together to:

  • help identify valuable seminars and establish contact with the speakers;
  • help identify the most interesting technological solutions presented during the conference and establish business relationships with their providers. Give advice on technological issues related to the integration of the presented solutions with our systems;
  • visit the stand of the commercial partner of PCG, Inspera, and participate in an integration event organized by the Embassy of Norway in Berlin;
  • participate in an integration dinner sponsored by PCG in the centre of Berlin.


We will wait for your applications until 31 October. Please direct any questions related to the conference to Mr Mateusz Adamiak, telephone number: 519 703 062, e-mail: madamiak@pcgpolska.pl. We look forward to your participation!