PCG Academia has signed a partnership agreement with IntelliBoard, a world leader in the supply of data analysis tools from LMS platforms, such as Moodle, Blackboard and Google Classroom. As part of the partnership, PCG will be responsible for the distribution of IntelliBoard solutions to universities in Poland. The agreement is the result of the tightening of cooperation between the two companies, which see the growing interest of Polish universities in solutions that increase the quality and effectiveness of distance learning.

IntelliBoard is a tool for multi-faceted data analysis from e-learning platforms. Using over 130 built-in reports, universities can analyze the activity and progress of students, the involvement of lecturers in the creation and delivery of courses, and the effectiveness of the organization of the entire teaching process. Automatically sent notifications and reports streamline the flow of information, and the ability to easily configure own reports allows to better customize the tool to the needs of the university. IntelliBoard is also successfully used by organizations and private companies to improve the quality and effectiveness of training provided to employees.

IntelliBoard is used by leading universities and corporations around the world such as: Dublin City University (Ireland), North Carolina College System (USA), Rhodes University (South Africa), as well as by IBM, SAS and Sharp Electronics Corporations. The tool has been integrated with over 4,000 customer LMS platforms and displays data on the learning process of over 44 million students and course participants.

“We perceive IntelliBoard as an important extension of our offer in the field of solutions supporting distance learning at universities. The partnership will allow us to better address the needs of universities using both Blackboard the open source Moodle platform”, said Łukasz Nowak, Vice President of PCG Academia. “IntelliBoard is delighted to be working with PCG Academia in the Polish market” noted Tonya Riney, COO of IntelliBoard. “We set out to establish a partnership who already had a foothold among the leading institutions in the country and we found that with PCG Academia. Their team has been a pleasure to work with, and I look forward to our combined passion in the eLearning and EdTech space to bring best in class analytical solutions to the institutions (and learners!) in Poland.”

IntelliBoard is yet another, after Blackboard, Inspera and Webcon, internationally leading technology provider for universities that chose PCG Academia as a distributor of its solutions on the Polish market. The partnership will allow PCG to strengthen its position as a provider and integrator of the highest quality IT solutions for universities in Poland.