The Medical University of Silesia will soon take studies handling to a new level. Student and employee staff handling will be managed through a modern, comprehensive system, University 10, offered by PCG Academia – a consulting and technological company whose mission is to provide efficient solutions supporting universities in management excellence.

The Medical University of Silesia educates almost 10,000 students and employs 1,200 academic staff. Handling such a number of people involved in the education process may be quite a challenge. In order to ensure its efficiency, the Medical University of Silesia decided to implement the University 10 system.

Under the agreement concluded between PCG Academia and the Medical University of Silesia on 15 November 2017, PCG Academia will implement an integrated system for the management of education processes at the university. The University 10 system will ensure full support for the education process handling as well as student and teaching staff communication process at the Medical University of Silesia.

The University 10 system will enable the Medical University of Silesia not only to conduct student and employee handling (comprising financial services), as well as to efficiently schedule classes and examinations and to manage study curricula through an intuitive and fully configurable interface. The system also provides students and staff with remote access to data e.g. student history,  subjects and groups selected by students and teaching materials provided to the students by teaching staff. University 10 is distinguished by learning analytics functionalities which enable university staff to analyse data efficiently and to make sound decisions on this basis.

The implementation of the system will bring vast benefits to the Medical University of Silesia, including the modernization of education process management, increasing student and staff handling quality, optimum use of classrooms and university resources and equally important time savings, e.g. by through the elimination of the need for multiple data input.

The implementation of University 10 may be flexibly adapted to the needs of universities, which is relevant, for instance, when a given university already uses other IT systems. The University 10 system due to be implemented at the Medical University of Silesia will be integrated with the systems already operating at the university, including the POL-on system of the Ministry of Science and Social Education, the ePUAP electronic inbox and OptiCamp Perso by OPTeam, the company cooperating with PCG Academia in the implementation of a comprehensive education services platform at the WSPIA University of Rzeszow – read more