On 12th December 2017 Minister of Science, Higher Education and Technology Pila Niningi officially launched national electronic system for admission, verification, and selection of higher education candidates. The system was developed and implemented by PCG Academia which has earlier signed a contract with DHERST.

For Papua New Guinea it’s the first online selection system. Until recently the whole process was done manually. It was a time-consuming and labor-intensive work which did not guarantee that all suitable candidates are allocated to a study program. Unlike manual process, the National Online Selection System implemented by PCG Academia will take into account all Grade 12 school leavers.

Moreover, the system ensures the transparency of the selection process what leads to equal chances of all candidates. System will also prevent nepotism and all kind of unfair practices that were possible during the manual selection. The system is a perfect example of how modern technological solutions can effectively support the functioning of the university.

Thanks to the online selection system the higher education institutions (HEIs) will never miss a good candidate. But the main beneficiary of the system are school leavers. Not only they will quickly know if they gained an admission, but they will also be ensured that the selection process was fair and unbiased.

The basis of the National Online Selection System is an algorithm created by PCG Academia. The algorithm compares candidates’ parameters, for example exam results, with criteria set by individual universities. As a result of analysis the system generates a list of most suitable candidates.

The implementation of the system was preceded by trainings and workshops organized by PCG Academia for selectors – officials responsible for selecting candidates for higher education. Leszek Lewoc, President of PCG Academia, emphasized that he was positively surprised by the selectionists’ eagerness to learn and to use the system.

The implementation of the system is one of the key elements of DHERST’s strategy to increase the number of young people undertaking further education. The system will be used by all 34 HEIs in Papua New Guinea. The first selection conducted with the system just ended – DHERST informed on 19th December that from 26000 candidates over 12000 gained admission to a study program (47% of all candidates). Minister Pila Niningi said that selections in following years will be further conducted with National Online Selection System

EMTV, Papua New Guinea’s oldest and biggest television station, called the launch of the system a milestone achievement in the history of higher education department.