PCG Academia is starting a new implementation project. As part of the contract concluded with the Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce, PCG Academia will implement solutions that will support the university’s dean’s offices and make it easier for students and lecturers to handle administrative matters.

Jan Kochanowski University currently uses the University XP system – the previous version of the student information system provided by PCG Academia. The new contract covers the modernization and updating of the student information system to the latest version.

Along with the update of the student information system, PCG Academia will launch a student e-services system at the university, which aims to automate the workflow of university documents and thus increase the level of student satisfaction. In the e-services system, all documents – applications, certificates etc. – are created and approved fully electronically, without the need for the student’s physical presence at the university, which is extremely useful in the times of remote work and online learning.

Moreover, as part of the contract, a mobile application for students and educators will also be launched, improving communication between the administration, lecturers and students. The application will also be an part of providing electronic services to students thanks to its integration with the student information system and the e-services system.