PCG Poland, Partners in Progress, and a consulting company Europoint are pleased to invite to participate in trainings entitled „New opportunities for universities to obtain public funding”.


Description and goals

The training aims at practical presentation of opportunities for higher education institutions to obtain public funds in the 2014-2020 Financial Framework. We will comprehensively review the available funding sources with regard to the following operational programmes: Knowledge and Development, Intelligent Development, Digital Poland as well as Infrastructure and Environment, including types of projects indicated in detailed descriptions of Priority Axes. We will identify constrains pertinent to the minimum and maximum project value and the so called eligible costs as well as specify the call for proposals timeframe in 2016 along with institutions announcing the competitions and calling for proposals. The training will conclude with a practical consultative module, when concrete examples of solutions that may be funded will be presented.


Agenda (10:00 – 4:00)

Overview of available funding  sources in national operational programmes – direct support

  • Operational Programme Knowledge Education Development
  • Operational Programme Intelligent Development
  • Operational Programme Digital Poland
  • Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment
  • Overview of available funding  sources in particular regional operational programmes – direct support pertinent to areas


Development of research and development infrastructure

  • Digitalization of science resources and implementation of modern IT and communication solutions
  • Revitalization of university’s buildings
  • Application and use of renewable energy sources
  • Overview of available funding – other competitions for universities to participate in


Projects associated with job market

  • Improving the position of the unemployed on the job market
  • Support for entrepreneurship
  • Developing staff competencies in the SME sector
  • Projects dedicated to intellectual property management and innovation funding


NCBiR (The National Centre for Research and Development) National Programmes

  • NCBiR System Programmes
  • Support for risk capital investments
  • Professionalization of consulting services for university business environment institutions
  • Risk pertinent to projects implementation


Aspects of public aid – in the light of the EC Regulation No 651/2014

  • Aspects of partnership – legitimacy; scrutinizing partnership in terms of links (assessment of links in accordance with the EC Regulation No 651/2014)
  • Key information pertinent to application documents


Consultative module

  • Examples of solutions that universities may obtain funding for


General information

Dates and locations

  • April 5, Kraków
  • April 12, Warszawa
  • April 26, Lublin
  • May 10, Gdynia
  • May 17, Poznań


Target participants

  • Representatives of university management board: chancellors, deans, managers and heads of departments,
  • Heads of IT departments and admins of university’s IT resources
  • Persons liable for preparation and coordination of projects



  • Anna Malińska-Łagudza
  • Kamil Kipiel


Participation cost and registration

  • Participation cost for a single participant is 290 PLN (+value added tax, dependably on the proportion of training funding sources)
  • In order to register for the training, fill in the application form and send it at szkolenia@partnersinprogress.eu at least 5 days before the training.