On February 9th, 2018 in Warsaw, at the initiative of PCG Academia and in cooperation with ten providers of innovative consulting and IT solutions for the universities, a conference Academy of Innovation for Universities 2020 took place.

The theme of the conference was effective use of EU funds in the process of modernization of university management systems and their adaptation to the requirements of Act 2.0.

Guests were welcomed by prof. Jerzy Woźnicki, the Presidents of the Polish Rectors Foundation – the patron of the conference. In his speech prof. Woźnicki announced the launch of study „IT in higher education institutions” which is going to be carried out by Polish Rectors Foundation and Conference of Rectors of Academic Schools in Poland (KRASP).

The next speaker was the President of PCG Polska, prof. Łukasz Sułkowski, who drew attention to these aspects of the Constitution for Science which may require adaptation of procedures and tools used at universities (presentation). The third speech was given by Ms. Edyta Niemyjska-Czech, who presented the possibilities of obtaining financing for projects and initiatives undertaken at universities in 2018 (presentation).

The main part of Academy of Innovation 2020 were the presentations of innovative IT solutions offered by Polish and foreign providers of services for universities. The presentations were held in two separate tracks.


The first track – Manage & Administer – was dedicated to solutions supporting effective university management. During this track the following companies presented their solutions:

  • PCG Academia – initiator and organizer of Academy of Innovation 2020. Leszek Lewoc, the President of the Management Board of PCG Academia, and Ścibór Sobieski, Director of Product Development, presented tools & strategies for building long-term relations with candidates, students and alumni by using the University 10 Student Information System.
  • ESCOLA – exclusive technology partner of the PCG presented the application mStudia.pl. – the first and only app for student and educators provided and maintained in Software as a Service (SaaS) model. With this app students and academics easily can access all key information and resources through single access point, using just any device with Internet access (www.mstudia.pl).
  • Bank Zachodni WBK – representatives of Bank Zachodni WBK presented the Santander Universidades program and Smartcard solution: the first Electronic Student Identity Card in Poland with a payment function. Bank Zachodni WBK is the strategic partner of conference and competition for leaders in university management LUMEN, organized by PCG.
  • ARCUS SI – the company presented its own one4all system based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, which purpose is to support university management. This system is currently being implemented in cooperation with PCG Academia at the Poznan University of Technology.
  • INSPERA – the company presented systems for secure, electronic examination of students. INSPERA together with PCG made a joint, integrated implementation of the PCG University 10 system and the INSPERA examination platform at the Kozminski University. PCG Academia is the exclusive trading partner of INSPERA in Poland.


The second track of presentations – Teach & Learn – was dedicated to solutions supporting the teaching process. During this track the following companies presented their solutions:

  • Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN presented the educational solutions for the academic market: IBUK Libra platform, seminars organized by PWN Institute, publishing service Publikujznami.pl (Publish with us) and journal „Niezbędnik Akademicki”. Presently PCG Academia conduct talks with PWN about the implementation of PWN solutions with PCG University 10 system.
  • SuperMemo – the company presented its award-winning e-learning platform. Platform operates on the original, groundbreaking method SuperMemo, which allows you to remember up to a thousand new information per month with nearly 100% efficiency. The SuperMemo solution is included in the PCG Academia commercial offer.
  • Instructure – the company presented Canvas: learning management system (LMS) which includes course management tools and data analytics. Canvas analysis tools can also be used to support the process of accreditation and quality assurance. Canvas system is in use by almost 18 million users.
  • Blackboard –  the company presented Blackboard Learn system, an LMS solution combined with analytics tools, a mobile application and an anti-plagiarism system. Blackboard is the largest producer of LMS on the American market – their system is used by nearly 70% of universities and half of school districts in the USA, as well as 80% of universities from the top of global rankings. 100 million users around the world use Blackboard.
  • itslearning – the company presented itslearning: LMS and mobile application. The system also offers tools for educational analysis and extensive communication options for lecturers and students. The itslearning system has 7 million active users around the world.


PCG Academia stays in close contact with all solution providers presented at the Academy of Innovation 2020 and also closely cooperates with AVISTA, a firm which specializes in effective application for funds under the POWER 3.5 program.

We strongly encourage you to arrange joint conceptual meetings during which representatives of companies of your choice will provide additional information about the solutions they offer and specially prepared descriptions tailored to your institution about effectively apply for funding in the POWER 3.5 program. During the meeting we will also discuss issues related to the integration of individual solutions.

In order to facilitate communication we have launched a dedicated hotline with which you will be able to easily arrange a meeting with suppliers and financing experts, in any configuration of your choice.

Infoline: +48 17 777 37 77