PCG Academia on April 23, 2020 organized a free webinar entitled “Remote teaching and examining students using Blackboard and Inspera technology”.

We would like to thank all the participants of the webinar. About 100 people took part and a lot of questions were asked during the meeting, which for us is a sign that the webinar responded to the real, current needs of universities. The opportunity to interact with all of you was, as always, invaluable to us.

Below we present a video from the webinar. We encourage you to watch, especially those of you who could not be with us on the day of the meeting.

During the webinar, PCG Academia experts – Magda Sochacka, Anna Warda-Ritzen and Adrian Wyszyński – presented digital tools for remote education and examination of students. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, classes and exams at Polish universities will be conducted remotely at least until the end of the current academic year. This presents universities with a real challenge to ensure continuity of education and safe examinations on a large scale.

Bearing in mind the needs and capability of Polish universities, PCG Academia in cooperation with its partners: Blackboard and INSPERA, prepared a Pilot Program, which we also presented during the webinar.

Under the pilot program we offer:

  • 6-month access to the Blackboard Learn Ultra e-learning platform and/or the INSPERA electronic student examination system
  • Quick launch of tools at the university in the Software as a Service model
  • Training sessions for users

Access to the Blackboard Learn Ultra platform for up to 5,000 users (students and lecturers) is offered at a special price of PLN 59,000.00 net. The price also includes access to mobile applications for students and lecturers, as well as an anti-plagiarism tool built into the platform. PCG Academia is the exclusive Blackboard distributor for higher education in Poland.

The price of access to Inspera system depends on the number of students at the university or faculty:

  • Up to 3,000 students – PLN 23,000.00 net
  • From 3,000 up to 7,000 students – PLN 46,000.00 net
  • Over 7,000 students – PLN 69,000.00 net

You can learn more about Blackboard and Inspera solutions in the video and on our website.

Feel invited to contact the PCG Academia team!

Magda Sochacka
Director for Channel Partnerships
e-mail: magda.sochacka@pcgacademia.pl
phone: 502-044-26

Anna Warda-Ritzen
e-mail: anna.warda-ritzen@pcgacademia.pl
phone: +48 722 010 640

Adrian Wyszyński
e-mail: adrian.wyszynski@pcgacademia.pl
phone: +48 725 135 400