We cordially invite you to participate in the Nationwide Conference “Management of Open Access resources for science and didactics – standards, tools, good practices”, which PCG Academia with a great pleasure took the patronage of.

The conference organized by the Jagiellonian Library in Krakow aims to present the current state of knowledge about openness in science and didactics, and to draw attention to its importance in the long term perspective. The conference will focus on the management of digital scientific resources in various aspects: legal, organizational, economic, and technical (e-infrastructure).

The invited speakers, both subject researchers and practitioners, will discuss issues related to scientific publication repositories, digital libraries, research data repositories (including data management in grants and projects), barriers and competences for open science, and broadly understood Open Access, including the legal aspects of OA and its impact on quality in learning.

Among the speakers you will meet PCG Academia experts – Prof. Łukasz Sułkowski and Piotr Masalski, who will deliver the presentation “Repository of scientific publications as a publication data source for analysis and optimization within scientific disciplines”.

In order to achieve the optimal result in the evaluation and the best possible results of the promotion of scientific achievements, it is necessary to monitor the development of scientific achievements based on data analysis, which can be most effectively done with the use of science management systems. An example is the comprehensive modernization of the Jagiellonian University Repository along with the implementation of an analytical system that serves the internal processes of controlling and monitoring science at the university for the purposes of its reporting.

At the presentation, our experts will talk about the implementation and its effects, as well as answer the question of whether the university is able to realistically optimize its achievements in individual disciplines in the timeframe of a remaining few months to the designated deadline for sending publication achievements. Join us on May 20 at 1:10pm!

The conference will be held on May 20-21 via the streaming platform. Participation is free of cost. The conference is open to all interested researchers, PhD students, students, librarians and representatives of institutions related to the science sector.

The event is organized as part of the project “Open Access repository to the scientific and teaching achievements of the Jagiellonian University” and is under the patronage of PCG Academia and EBIB.

We encourage you to register for this promising conference!