“Effective preparation for the scientific evaluation of artistic creation in the field of art and artistic disciplines will be the topic of the next free webinar organized by PCG Academia. We cordially invite you to participate on January 20, 2021, at 12pm – 1pm.

During our previous series of webinars #scientificevaluation2.0, which attracted a lot of attention, we have already discussed the topic of evaluation of scientific achievements. However, the new evaluation rules are different for artistic disciplines, so we would like to dedicate the new webinar to art academies.

At the meeting, we will show how to effectively manage the process of preparation for the scientific evaluation at art academies. Professor Łukasz Sułkowski, President of PCG Polska, and Professor Wiesław Czołpiński, Vice-Rector for Education and Students, Research and Evaluation of Scientific Activities in the discipline of film and theater arts, representing the Aleksander Zelwerowicz Theatre Academy in Warsaw, will share their knowledge on the topic.

Using the example of the Theater Academy, we will discuss good practices in science management for other art academies. The Academy’s representative will also share university’s experience on how to properly define the requirements for IT systems supporting evaluation and how to choose a system that will meet the requirements and needs of art universities.

The Theater Academy in Warsaw decided to use the Sciencecloud system, which is being launched by PCG Academia. On the webinar Prof. Wiesław Czołpiński will talk how goes the implementation of the system and how the Academy jointly with PCG Academia have developed special solutions to meet the specificity of activities of art universities.

Sciencecloud is an ecosystem of services provided in a cloud model that enable recording, analysis and reporting of information on the university’s scientific activities. In the second part of the webinar, Piotr Masalski, an expert of PCG Academia, will demonstrate the Sciencecloud applications: Scientific Records and Scientific Analysis. Using real life examples we will show the functionalities specific for art universities:

  • ministerial vocabulary of types of achievements within the discipline and class of prominence;
  • computing an estimated point value based on type and prominence;
  • possibility to edit the average value of expert assessments;
  • fulfilling the limits of artistic achievements, including co-creation;
  • an algorithm for the classification of artistic achievements within the limits;
  • inclusion of all ministerial guidelines specific to artistic achievements only within the first criterion.

Therefore our webinar will provide a lot of practical information  ̶  you will find out how the implementation in the Software as a Service model is really going and how the Sciencecloud system actually works at an art university. The high substantive quality of the webinar is confirmed by the patronage of the Conference of Rectors of Art Universities (KRUA). We cordially invite you to participate!