In the interest of continuous development and the highest quality of services, PCG Academia has created a new ecosystem of IT solutions – Educloud. Educloud replaces the previously known University 10 student information system, its additional modules and solutions from PCG Academia partners.

The decision to establish Educloud results from the dynamic development of the company and the desire to best meet the needs of customers by responding to the expectations of the universities. Our development activities, such as product improvement, a large increase in IT projects implemented at universities and the establishment of new partnerships, including exclusive agreements (e.g. Blackboard), resulted in a significant expansion of our offer.

Educloud simplifies and organizes the portfolio of offered products, and also shows the relationships between various areas of university functioning. Educloud is a fresh approach to IT solutions for universities. It is a whole ecosystem of modern solutions for universities, including 13 complementary applications that can work in cooperation or independently.

What distinguishes the Educloud ecosystem is primarily the operation in the cloud and the readiness to cooperate with any student information system and any data source. The solutions that make up Educloud are characterized by modern web and mobile interfaces, openness to integration and the possibility of development within the framework of open APIs.

The ecosystem is available in a service model that is increasingly preferred by universities, because in this model not only the implementation of the product and its maintenance is ensured, but also its further development.

The key benefit of Educloud is comprehensive service from one supplier and in one development standard, thanks to which it is much easier for university to manage IT in the whole institution. All solutions that make up Educloud can be obtained by universities under only one agreement with PCG Academia.

Moreover, Educloud means easier access to innovations for universities, including foreign ones. Thanks to PCG Academia’s partnerships with world leaders in the IT solutions market, such as Blackboard, Microsoft, Inspera and Veriori, universities using Educloud obtain foreign solutions adapted to the conditions and requirements of Polish higher education.

In overseeing the substantive side of the Educloud solutions and ensuring the compliance of the systems with the current regulations, PCG Academia is supported by two independent organizations: the Institute for Higher Education Development and the Polish Rectors Foundation.

Educloud has been divided into three product categories: Management, Relationships and Learning.

In the Management group, we have included solutions that support the effective administration of the university. The flagship product in this category is PCG Dean’s Office, a student information system with a new, responsive web interface for students and teachers. Other products include a documentation workflow system containing a catalog of standardized student documents, a university’s mobile application, analytics based on Power BI and the novelty: c-diploma – an innovative, award-winning Veriori solution for secure verification of the authenticity of diplomas and certificates.

The Relationships category includes solutions that help build long-term relationships with applicants, students and alumni. The Outreach system allows universities to establish contacts with high school graduates, and Enrollment comprehensively supports the recruitment process. The Student Success solution is designed to retain students and support them in achieving educational success. Alumni Success contains, inter alia, a search engine for offers tailored to the student’s profile, and introduces students and graduates to the labor market.

In the Education category, we grouped the solutions of our partners – Blackboard and Inspera. There are three key Blackboard solutions available within Educloud. Comprehensive distance learning environment Blackboard Learn Ultra is Blackboard’s flagship product, popular all over the world. It is a cloud solution equipped with numerous additional applications. Blackboard Open LMS is a kind of overlay for Moodle, which increases the attractiveness of education based on this platform. Lastly, Blackboard Ally is a solution to increase the availability and attractiveness of content made available on any e-learning platform. Inspera, on the other hand, offers a tool for electronic student examination, widely used in northern European countries and gaining popularity in the West.

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