On February 12th 2015 PCG Polska and SuperMemo World signed a cooperation agreement enabling the universities served by PCG Polska to gain integrated access to solutions offered by SuperMemo.

The SuperMemo method and the applications based on it eliminate forgetting information. The information are refreshed in the memory of the learner exactly on the verge of forgetting them. Students who use SuperMemo tend to comprehend new information up to 15 times faster than the students who use traditional learning methods, and forever remember what they learned. SuperMemo World was the first company to offer digitalized spaced repetition strategy based on the forgetting curve theory and to this day is a world leader in this area.

Cognitivists confirm that the courses based on SuperMemo can be effective regardless of the age, geographic location, or individual preferences of the learner. The universalism of the SuperMemo method is proved by its widespread use all over the World. The enthusiasts of SuperMemo come from 53 countries including China, USA, Brazil, Vietnam, Mexico, Panama, Slovenia or Malesia. SuperMemo World collaborates with publishers and distributors from Europe, Asia, and America and their products and services become increasingly popular.

Courses based on SuperMemo have been receiving awards and nominations in some of the most prestigious competitions all over the World for more than 20 years, including: BETT Award 2015, Wharton QS‑Stars Reimagine Education Awards 2015, Gold medal of the international Poznań fairs, PC World and others.

More information: www.supermemo.com


In the picture from left: Krzysztof Biedalak, CEO of SuperMemo World and Leszek Lewoc, CEO of Partners in Progress.